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Tesla Battery Engineer Departed

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-11-09 18:25:18
Tesla's battery engineer Jon Wagner apparently has stopped working for the electric car pioneer, he found information on LinkedIn's profile and recent reports.

It was not yet clear when he left Tesla (or was taking place) that Wagner's LinkedIn page did show that he is now planning to launch his own solar power generator EV battery and powertrain in Golden State.
To better explain why this issue should be said, while Wagner did not start working on Tesla until January 2013, his direct involvement in technology has been widely applied to Tesla's products - including Tesla Powerwall's development of.

This makes you wonder why he is leaving this company? Perhaps more importantly, why is not Tesla enough to keep him on board? make up? Management problems? Work productivity problem? Science and technology industry quickly get rich culture?

Reuters has provided something relevant: "Last week, Tesla pushed the goal of volume production of its new Model 3 sedan to around three months, saying it was hard to predict how long it would take to fix the bottleneck.

Tesla had previously said the main constraint was the Gigafactory, a Nevada-based battery module assembly line that the company had to redesign a part of the manufacturing process. "

Not surprisingly, Tesla and Wagner did not immediately respond to Reuters comment requests.

Regardless of the reason for the departure, it appears that they are likely to be related to the ongoing large-scale production delays of the Tesla Model 3.
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