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Tesla Announced Will Produce Solar Cell With Panasonic

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-25 21:57:11
Tesla announced that it will jointly produce solar power batteries cells with Panasonic, the two sides will jointly build a solar cell factory in Buffalo, New York, and is expected to begin production in 2017, the main production of solar cells Cell (Solar cell power generation components) and modules.
Tesla Announced Will Produce Solar Cell With Panasonic
According to Thomson Reuters pointed out that Tesla plans and Panasonic signed a long-term purchase of solar cell contract.

According to Nikkei news, Tesla, Panasonic solar cell joint venture plant production scale is unknown, the investment is estimated at 10 billion yen, and Tesla will use the planned solar panel rental business SolarCity technology, reduce production costs.
Tesla Announced Will Produce Solar Cell With Panasonic
Nikkei said that Tesla and Panasonic are also working together to build electric vehicles (EV) with portable solar power generator lithium-ion battery factory, it is hoped that by co-production of solar cells to deepen cooperation between the two sides to strengthen the environment-related undertakings.
Tesla new car orders strong, so Tesla, Panasonic joint venture to build lithium-ion battery factory before the outgoing will begin in November this year, mass production.
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