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Tesla And SolarCity Provide Micro-Grid For Small Island

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-27 10:10:51
After Tesla announced its $ 2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity, the two companies could not wait to show how much they could combine. SolarCIty recently revealed on the blog that its solar powered portable generator panel array and Tesla energy storage battery system Powerpack formed by the combination of micro-grid, located in the United States Samoa (American Samoa) Ta'u small island to provide almost 100% of electricity, successfully get rid of Completely dependent on diesel power generation and power supply unstable life.
Many island dwellers rely on fossil fuels for power generation, and Ta'u is one of them. However, the cost of shipping fuel to the island is expensive and fuel is transported from a distance Problem, or even because of power grid instability, so that the island is often faced with temporary power outages, causing inconvenience to the lives of residents.

Keith Ahsoon, a resident of Ta'u Island, said that the vessel used to transport goods on the island had not been able to get out for two months. "We rely on this ship to import diesel fuel for power generation, , Electricity can only be used in the morning or afternoon, in order to save electricity, "In addition, the island is the use of water pump operation, that is, the ship saddled with all the residents of the island's daily needs.

Tesla and SolarCity therefore built a solar array of 5,328 solar power generator panels on the Ta'u island covering an area of about 1.4 hectares and a generating capacity of 1.4 MW. The array connects 60 Tesla Powerpack energy storage Battery system, the battery capacity of 6 MWh, in the case of continuous solar irradiation, can be completed within 7 hours of charging, and the power can be obtained without the sun in the case of the supply of electricity for 3 days a full island.
The program, which began in November 2015, was funded by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Interior, and was completed in November this year, nearly a year. The Tesla and SolarCity microgrids, in addition to boosting Ta'u's energy efficiency, will save 109,500 gallons (about 498,000 liters) of diesel a year for the island and 600 residents on the island A more affordable, cleaner and more stable energy options.
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