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Ternary Or LiFePO4 Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-07 12:56:59
December 15, "the second session of China's power battery assembly 2016", the Guangzhou Li Bai Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Kai, director of the report pointed out that the existing framework of the material system, no matter how the technology improved, phosphoric acid Lithium iron battery power density of 300WH / kg hope that a little slim, relatively speaking, ternary technology line is more promising.

On the "ternary, lifepo4 battery pack in the end who is the future of the mainstream technology" has been controversial. But in some experts view, the future ternary battery or will become the mainstream of the battery line.
lifepo4 battery pack
With the outbreak of the demand for new energy vehicles, low power battery mileage is also gradually exposed. This year, a number of departments issued a document to re-amend the battery life mileage, energy density standards. Among them, the Ministry of Industry and led the development of "energy saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)" clearly stated that in 2020 the power vehicle battery module specific energy to reach 260Wh / kg.

"Policy changes in the wind direction, indicating a three-cell battery ban ban." Liu Kai said.

Lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, ternary, lithium titanate and lithium manganese oxide. Among them, lithium titanate and lithium manganese oxide low energy density, the current domestic use of the most battery is lithium iron phosphate. In China, over the years there has been a battery cathode materials should take the line of LFP battery or three lines of the dispute.

This dispute even affected the policy direction. In January 2016, the Ministry of Industry has announced the suspension of three yuan for commercial vehicles to investigate its safety.

However, in the near future, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to further promote the application of new energy vehicles to promote the application of safety supervision and publicity will be January 1, 2017, the new application "new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory" Of the use of ternary battery bus, the need to make up for third-party test report, the information is also considered a ternary battery is about to unlock the fuse.

Analysis of the industry, said the thermal runaway test and thermal runaway under the premise of the expansion test test, ternary battery electric bus in the application or will be lifted.
Ternary Or LiFePO4 Battery
Power battery network CEO Tom Lijun that restricts the popularity of new energy vehicles is one of the main problems of mileage, so to improve the power density of the battery is imperative, and the choice of ternary technical route is the most effective means.

Have to mention is that ternary and lithium iron phosphate on the technical line of the dispute continued for several years, while the beginning of the Ministry of Industry announced the suspension of ternary batteries for pure electric buses once ternary battery into the bottom, but also to the main three Yuan technical line of power battery business in trouble.

Ningde times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Yang Qi pointed out that the suspension of ternary batteries, is out of safety considerations, lifting the ternary battery is out of safety standards, with safety standards, ternary and lithium iron phosphate can The same stage of the competition.
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