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Ternary Material Battery Is The Future Of Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-03 10:09:13
With the state subsidies will come out of new regulations, power battery subsidies after the advent of the times. How to control costs, as the development of the power battery business is facing major problems. "solar power batteries market will be a new round of reshuffle, most of the battery manufacturers and manufacturers will undergo a huge test." Recently, the domestic production and sales of the largest, the world's third-ranked cylindrical lithium-ion battery manufacturers --- Far East Fu Stewart, general manager of New Energy Co., Ltd. Cai Dong said in an interview with reporters from the current disclosure of information from all sides, to support high-quality enterprises will be one of the main direction of state subsidies to new regulations, related enterprises should seize State subsidies, support for a limited time, and truly enhance their technical strength, in order to better cope with more severe market competition.
Ternary Material Battery
"At present, compared with foreign countries, the gap between China's power battery technology is mainly reflected in the ternary material battery, specifically the battery's energy density and security." Cai Dong introduction, has formed a foreign upstream material providers, , The car dealer between the joint research and development capabilities. For example, Tesla and Panasonic jointly build a super battery factory, the combination of research and development strength, is a single battery business can not match. "The good news is that some of the domestic vehicle manufacturers have been considering increasing the battery pack project, the battery business is also active cooperation between the whole car dealers and cooperation." Cai Dong believes that this is a good trend will be conducive to China's power Battery performance to further enhance.

Recently, China will be more around the ternary material battery to carry out research and development work, which focuses on how to do better energy density and security. Energy density and safety are relative, ternary material battery energy density is higher, the security is relatively poor. "We have been dedicated 18650 ternary material battery system battery, a professional ternary material battery R & D team and rich experience in research and development and production, at present, we have ternary material battery safety to the industry-leading level. Dong said.

Ternary materials, high energy density, the temperature will instantly rise, if the cell safety valve can not be opened in time, it will lead to security issues. "We use the use of independent research and development of additives, can reach the same temperature of the battery to extend the time nearly doubled, so that cell safety valve has enough time to open, thereby enhancing the battery safety factor." In the battery pack on the application of R & D package materials, the single cell failure, does not affect the overall effect of the battery pack to further enhance the safety of the battery.

Guided by national policy and actual demand, in the field of passenger cars, special vehicles, lifepo4 battery will be gradually replaced by ternary material battery. "Ternary material battery in these areas of growth space and investment value is very large.At present, BYD, Beiqi, etc. have been used in a variety of models ternary material battery." Cai Dong said that the future of the Far East Foster will focus on R & Cars, logistics vehicles with ternary material battery.

The development of the industry faced by the mileage anxiety, security concerns, charging and other issues, will increase with the capital investment, technology upgrading and so on are resolved. "But after the cancellation of the national policy subsidies, the cost of power battery development will be the most important issue facing."

The future, passenger cars, passenger car policy subsidies, or respectively, down 30%, 20% decline in the proportion of special vehicles will be greater. At the same time, the power of the upper reaches of the bulk of raw materials prices rose substantially, cost pressures. "At that time, including the industry's leading enterprises, including most of the power battery companies and OEMs, will undergo a great test." Cai Dong said.
18650 battery pack
Cai Dong introduced from the recently published "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" (2017) (draft) view, the state will mainly support the capital and research and development capabilities, to achieve large-scale production of quality enterprises. "This can effectively avoid duplication of investment industry, is conducive to the future development of the industry."

But for now, to meet the requirements of the enterprise targets rare. "He expressed the hope that the country can build a sustainable development policy, the good general ledger in the calculation, based on the continuity of the market to give a smooth transition period, giving a more reasonable time for enterprises and market convergence, the state support to enterprises, Of the value of maximization.

Needless to say, after the era of subsidized power battery market competition will become more intense, companies should speed up the strengthening of the market, technical personnel and other strength, in preparation for future competition. Cai Dong said: "We are currently the largest manufacturer of 18650 type battery, a very good scale of technology and production level, since last year after listing and obtained an effective capital support in the future of passenger car application market, Stricker will be able to stand the test of the market. "
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