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Ternary Lithium Battery Rising

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-29 09:25:41
lithium batteryNew energy vehicles continue to rapid development. From 2013 onwards, China's new energy vehicles will enter a high-speed development stage, new energy vehicles in 2015 exceeded 340,000 in 2020, the cumulative production and marketing of 5 million target, the future of new energy vehicles will maintain rapid growth, which Will also greatly boost the demand for ternary materials. In addition, the ministry of science and technology published in 2015, the document clearly pointed out that by 2020 the car battery power than 300Wh / kg, lifepo4 battery has been difficult to meet the next generation of new energy vehicles on lithium battery requirements, ternary materials, especially the relatively mature Of the NCM is expected by virtue of energy density, cost advantages become the future of the mainstream technology line.

Ternary lithium battery penetration is expected to continue to rise. In the downstream of new energy vehicles, many automobile manufacturers have begun to layout the ternary lithium new energy vehicles, ternary lithium battery penetration began to improve. 2015 domestic new electric vehicles such as Beiqi EV200, Chery eQ, JAC iEV4, Zhongtai Yun 100 have started using ternary power battery, and the recent market, 49 new energy models in 33 have adopted the ternary Lithium battery, the proportion reached 67%.Ternary material demand in 2020 or broken 80,000 tons

2020 ternary material demand will exceed 80,000 tons, the annual compound growth rate of 60%, and 2017 is expected to usher in demand growth high point, NCM growth to break through 100%. We predict the future of new energy vehicles and various types of new energy vehicles (passenger cars, buses, special vehicles) accounting for; ② prediction of ternary battery penetration; ③ ternary battery of the future total Capacity; ④ ternary battery material requirements of these four steps to estimate the future of three yuan in particular, NCM demand trends. We determine the demand for ternary cathode by 2020 will exceed 80,000 tons, the average annual compound growth rate of 60%, while in 2017 or will usher in the highest point of demand growth, demand for power ternary cathode material will reach 22558 tons, of which dynamic ternary growth rate of 84%, NCM growth rate of 101%.
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