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Ternary Battery Will Be The Future

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-11 09:22:20
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to further promote the application of new energy vehicles to promote the application of safety supervision and publicity will be January 1, 2017, the new application for "new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory," the use of ternary Battery bus, the need to pay a third party test report. Lifted in January of this year's "suspended lithium battery bus included in the three new energy vehicles to promote the application of recommended models directory."
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Ternary battery lifted, some people worry that some people worry, but for the ternary lithium battery business, is undoubtedly the "mountain heavy water complex no doubt, vista". Winter has passed, ternary lithium battery spring will be far behind?

"Suspension of ternary batteries on the bus application" event review.
Ternary Battery Will Be The Future
January 2016, the unit issued "on the" suspension of commercial vehicles in the use of ternary materials, lifepo4 battery proposal letter "to seek business advice. According to the notice, the Ministry of Industry to suspend the proposed use of electric vehicles in the ternary material power lithium-ion battery. If this proposal is adopted, it may exclude the use of ternary material powered lithium-ion batteries in electric commercial vehicles.

January 24, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and equipment industry Secretary Zhang Xiang wood electric vehicles in China, said at the meeting, the state encourages a variety of technical lines and common development. Li-ion battery including lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, lithium titanate, lithium nickel, and other types of ternary lithium battery than the high energy cycle performance, is an important future development direction of lithium batteries. As China's ternary material research and development started late, for the safety of bus development and verification is not enough. At present the country is considering to further improve the new energy vehicle product safety technology threshold, the organization carried out on ternary lithium battery bus and other models in the current safety standard system under the risk assessment. Before the completion of the assessment, the suspension of lithium batteries included in the three new energy vehicles to promote the application of recommended models directory.

August 12, 2016, in a hundred people will be summer forums and electric vehicle safety report media exchange, when asked whether to suspend the use of tricycles battery release schedule, the Chinese electric car 100 vice chairman, Tsinghua University, Ouyang Ming Gao, professor of engineering, said the relevant departments are currently developing the relevant safety standards.

According to report, ternary lithium battery full name is ternary polymer lithium battery, refers to the cathode material using nickel cobalt manganese oxide ternary cathode material lithium battery. This naming method is based on the cathode material of the battery division, in addition, there are lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate batteries. In addition to the cathode material according to the division, can also be based on shape, outsourcing materials, electrolytes to classify the battery.

The main features of ternary lithium batteries are: 1. Higher energy density: ternary batteries, although the safety of lithium iron phosphate is not high, but the car can provide longer mileage, and the energy density higher than other batteries . 2. Lower cost than lithium iron phosphate. 3. Low temperature stability: lithium iron phosphate has a fatal weakness, that is poor low-temperature performance, even if the nano-and carbon package can not effectively solve this problem. According to research, a capacity of 3500mAh lifepo4 battery pack, if the work environment in minus 10 degrees, less than 100 cycles will be reduced by 85% of the capacity, and scrapped no difference. The ternary lithium battery low-temperature performance is strong, only a monthly attenuation of 1% to 2%.
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