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Ternary Battery For Electric Bus Application

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-03 17:39:44
Driven by the national policy and industry efforts, the past two years, China's new energy vehicle market, rapid growth. But at the same time there have been frequent incidents of electric vehicle accidents, the frequency of accidents increased. With the number of new energy vehicles to promote the increase in the number of older vehicles, security issues will become more prominent. New energy vehicle safety issues caused by the State Council attaches great importance to the Ministry of Industry issued a "new energy vehicles on the further promotion of the application of safety supervision notice", the relevant ministries and the new energy vehicles to promote the use of security regulatory policy interpretation.

According to informed sources, the state should establish a national, local, corporate three new energy vehicle regulatory platform, requiring enterprises from January 1, 2017, the vehicle must be access to corporate regulatory platform, corporate regulatory platform to complete and national regulatory platform Of the docking, or the product will not be able to enter the new car "Notice". Products already in the notice, to be April 1, 2017 to complete the docking.
Ternary Battery Will Be The Future
In addition, informed sources also disclosed that the Ministry of Industry introduced the "electric bus safety technical conditions," the implementation of the Executive. Requirements from January 1, 2017 onwards, the new declaration "notice" of the bus models must be submitted to the third party test report, the notice of the models in July 2017 before the pay. For the beginning of this year, the use of lifepo4 battery pack, the Ministry of Industry said that the completion of the electric bus product risk assessment, and accordingly formed the "electric bus safety conditions." 2017 apply for "recommended model directory" of the use of ternary battery bus, submit a third party inspection report can be. Accordingly, I speculated that ternary battery will be officially lifted from 2017 bus use, but to meet the "electric bus safety conditions."

With the "new energy vehicles manufacturing enterprises and product access regulations," "on the further promotion of new energy vehicles to promote the application of safety supervision notice", "vehicle manufacturers and products consistent supervision and management", "electric bus safety Technical conditions, "the introduction of series of policies, the state of new energy vehicles, the layout of the security system is also more and more comprehensive, systematic. The production enterprises, local governments, industry associations and other parts of the division of responsibilities at the same time, a clear new energy vehicle manufacturers is the first safety responsibility of the overall responsibility for vehicle products.
lifepo4 battery pack
From the focus on the promotion of new energy vehicles to focus on product safety issues, the new energy automotive industry has been hot from the state of development in 2015 into the cool development of the state in 2016. Although, in 2016 the new energy automotive industry in the policy gap period, there is no policy to guide the development of the entire industry slow. But if after this year's adjustment, the whole industry can face the core pain points to sort out, I believe the future of new energy automotive industry is of great significance to long-term development.
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