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Ternary Battery Demand Expects To Be 14.3GWh In 2017

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 15:38:15
Vehicle market review: policy re-road, passenger cars, special car took over. With the policy gradually clear, at the end of the year to reproduce the installed equipment to determine the annual output of 480,000, of which the contribution of the fourth quarter of this year's financial crisis, 21 million; long-term high-speed growth to see the end of the bus, passenger cars, special vehicles with greater market potential.
Ternary Battery Demand Expects To Be 14.3GWh In 2017
Lifepo4 battery pack industry chain review: the battery steady heavy volume, raw material prices as a whole. Although the vehicle volume lower than expected, but the gap in the first quarter and the vehicle last year to increase the average power, the annual expected shipments 27GWh above, up 50%; the first half of raw material prices, with the recent release of production capacity, Positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte and other links prices fall, lithium foil, wet diaphragm and other very few links continue to rally.
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Outlook 2017: growth recovery, general surplus, ternary rise, leading the rise.
(1) Downstream terminal: the purchase of the city is still the main passenger car consumption, but the purchase of urban small car is expected to be rapid promotion; special vehicle with the stability of the product upgrade, economic advantages become increasingly prominent, is expected to significantly heavy volume; The production and sales volume of passenger cars, buses and special vehicles will be 32/46 million units, 12.13 million units and 4.3 / 1.4 million units respectively in the next two years, respectively.
(2) Middle battery: benefiting from electric passenger cars and logistics vehicles, 2017 ternary battery demand is expected to reach as high as 14.3GWh, an increase of 110% penetration from 25% in 2016 to 41%, the overall demand for battery More than 35GWh, an increase of 30%; industry will show a structural surplus, high-quality battery scarcity, the leading market share of rapid increase.
(3) The upstream raw materials: general surplus, lithium copper foil, high-end wet diaphragm is relatively scarce.
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