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Technology Innovation Drives Battery Company Developments

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-24 08:29:01
Located in Dadukou district of Chongqing Terry Battery Materials Co., Ltd. production workshop, workers are using the laser spot welder lithium battery.

As one of the country's largest manufacturer of lithium battery cathode materials, the company continued to absorb professional and technical personnel at the same time, a number of research institutes to establish a cooperative relationship, accelerate innovation-driven development, scientific and technological achievements into productive forces. So far,lifePo4 batteries material and nickel, cobalt and manganese lithium its own research and development (Triad cathode material) has won four national patents. Two products in the domestic market share of 19% and 16%, respectively, only the first half of this year to achieve sales revenue of 230 million yuan.

laser spot welder

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