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Talk About the Power of Faith by Tesla CEO Musk

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-07 18:58:59

From start to today, Tesla electric car project has experienced numerous risks and challenges, like the solar power generator fields. In the face of these risks and challenges, musk has been like a stone, and always adhere to their own beliefs and ideals. Tesla wants to be a pure electric car? Tesla can survive the burn and long development cycle? Tesla must be successful in the Chinese market it? Automatic driving Tesla can get to politicians accusations and hackers provocation? Every question put in front of him by, are given a brave response.

solar generator

Give up halfway traditional auto giants


The concept of electric vehicles, the first from the traditional car manufacturers, and not the original tesla.


In order to cope with the increasingly serious energy crisis, in early 1959, general motors on the development of pure electric vehicle Henney Kilowatt and successful production of 100 units, also launched a series of follow-up the improvement of car Corvair and Chevette.


But in 1996, the development of electric vehicles encountered a bottleneck. General Company has not been able to further the engine technology and power conversion efficiency, charging pile construction work is not a clue. In 2003, after the calculation of input-output ratio, GM decided to give up the development of electric vehicle research and development projects.


In the general development of electric vehicles in the process, the Japanese Toyota Corporation is also developing similar products. The difference is that TOYOTA find a compromise, is to power driven vehicles to install a fuel engine. Such an approach on the one hand to enjoy the power of clean, on the other hand to ensure that the car's long-distance travel.


Ultimately, the solution was a commercial success. Statistics show that from 1997 to 2014 17 years, TOYOTA's hybrid electric car PRIUS cumulative sales reached 7 million 53 thousand units. However, such a commercial success, which means that the old manufacturers are not willing to change the overall structure of the traditional car and braking principle. They use practical action to show: the ideal of electric vehicles is good, but too many difficulties, they are not going to go on the road in the end.


I have been looking forward to believe that the traditional car industry can give birth to the new trend of electric vehicles, and later I found that they can not do." Talking about the history of the development of electric vehicles, to make such an evaluation. As he says, the traditional car performance is not ideal, so musk shot.

 solar generator

As for the reason, all originated from years ago, Musk's vision for the future, he believes that the sustainable development of energy such as solar backup generator fields, Internet, space exploration, human genetics, artificial intelligence, five major areas, will be most likely to change the world. Therefore, even if the electric car project in the face of a huge risk, Mask still decided to try. "At that time, the possibility of our failure is very large, but I still want to adhere to the initial ideal." Mask said.


The power of faith musk


Really involved in the electric vehicle industry, musk encountered a lot of problems.


From the design and production of electric vehicles, Tesla first to design a clear direction of the motor, and as far as possible to reduce the energy loss generated in power transmission; secondly the control system needs to be current of single cell battery will be digital, produces electrical energy into kinetic energy of the body, improve the utilization efficiency of the vehicle gearbox; also the torque and speed of AC induction motor to realize the optimization of adaptation, promote the acceleration of the car.


Of course, security is also concerned about the issue of tesla. Because according to the idea of the technical team, to provide enough power for the vehicle, Tesla needs to be composed of 7000 battery pack. This requires the battery not only to reduce the possibility of short circuit, but also to ensure that the failure of the battery monomer does not affect the normal work of other battery pack. Traditional car prices have failed to find the answer, and ultimately to the hybrid compromise, the strength of the problem of Tesla can solve these problems?

To solve these problems, it is necessary to have a strong technical reserves, for example if you refer to solar system, you will have strong technical skills of solar power batteries. As co founders, Martin Eberhard offers some of the underlying technologies of Propulsion AC, but that's not enough. Tesla still need to fill a large number of technical gaps, which require financial support.


In order to remove all technical barriers, musk all personal savings, fully committed to the R & D process. According to statistics, officially launched the first product in the Roadster on the eve of musk personal inject $40 million, Tesla led C round of financing, a total of more than $60 million in cash. So far, Mask has been most of the savings are gambling in the Tesla project.


Yet this is not enough. In the face of mass production and investment conference link, musk personal have no ability to continue to support. 2 months before the scheduled production date only, Tesla did not provide technical specifications to suppliers Roadster. To this end, he started Tesla D round of financing, frequent contact with investors every day, a moment non-stop flying in a variety of transport. In his insistence, Tesla completed the last $45 million of financing and spend the storm.


October 2008, Roadster mass production. Despite the offline time than the original plan late more than six months, the first customer is still showing enough tolerance, only 1000 of the 30 customers request a refund, the vacancy came out soon to be filled with new orders. "If the financing fails, Tesla will be bankrupt in two days, but we still insist on down." Mask said.

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