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Taiyuan household on-grid PV are continue to heat up

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-24 17:40:42

“How to select a on-grid mode?” April 6, the staff in Qingxu solar battery power supply manufacturer start ed to receive people who consult the household PV project. Reporters have learned that, since this year, the residents in Taiyuan are increasingly interested in household off grid solar system project.

People in Taiyuan power company have said that Taiyuan reported installed photovoltaic power generation projects are usually hold in rural areas, users reported installation and consultation almost everyday. which is particularly prominent Qingxu County, the date shows that, in the end of March, the power company Qingxu have received the requirement total of 80 PV grid user, solar power system of 440 kilowatts, more than 40 application packets installed in March, they have achieved 32 net installed capacity of 152 kilowatts.

on grid solar power system for home

  As Taiyuan power company says, there is no fundamental difference between household PV project and general applications, residents can choose three modes of on-grid according to their own electricity consumption, they are full internet access, self-occupied, the left power networks. In order to ensure the smooth network, Taiyuan power company have increased investigation efforts to understand the operation of user facilities to help guide the user to solve the various problems encountered in the course of the grid. At the same time, they carry out internal distributed photovoltaic projects reported installation of professional training, to strengthen the distribution network access technology photovoltaic project and safety management, guiding the project towards the healthy and steady development direction. According to the reports, as for now, the power company received 89 residents to apply off grid solar power generator projects, and to complete the transmission of 56.

For the income that the resident concerned, some people in Taiyuan power company said that general household photovoltaic reported installed capacity ranging from 5 kilowatts electricity sector in accordance with the calculated 2-10 kilowatts, over the summer daily illumination time of 5 hours, 5 hours in winter, then the monthly solar electric generator are 600 to 750 degrees, in the case of full access to the Internet, the monthly income for the resident are 500 yuan.
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