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Taiwan Tribes Installs 4KW Solar Panels

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:18:53
solarBeinan Township, Taitung County in Taiwan Rukai MACK Daru tribes in the August 19 event in tribal roof installed a 4kW solar panels, the solar installation is the tribe of the second phase of construction.

MACK tribe to Daru legend is the son of the sun god. Last May, the tribal resolution to promote new energy action, in cooperation with the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union, Taitung University and other units, combined with hydro, solar powered portable generator and biomass energy to reach 100% of new energy tribal goals, and since last year put into water Preserving rural regeneration programs allow residents to accept new energy education.

In July of this year, organized by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union citizens experimental power plant planned for the tribe, in the millet harvest festival venue means a 4kW solar panels. As a second means of solar energy plan, the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union also organized new energy camp, MACK Daru tribes in the activity center roof apparatus 20, a total of 4kW solar panels, the daily power generation capacity is estimated at 20kWh, it will be used to supply activities public share power, center, elderly day care and the like.

Taiwan Environmental Alliance said MACK Daru tribes upstream Hustle type hydroelectric power plants, tribes are ample sunshine for development hydro, wind and solar renewable energy. Hope for the future promotion of portable solar power generator energy means promoting community residents provided, and the implementation of electricity self-sufficiency.
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