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TSEC Raising Solar Cells Manufacture Capacity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-27 08:16:37
TSEC(TSEC) announced plans to raise its annual manufacturing capacity of solar powered portable generator cells by 450,000 by way of loans and IPO plans, and plans to build a 1GW solar cell module manufacturing plant in Taiwan.

First, Yuan Jing Solar will add 450 MW of annual solar power batteries cell manufacturing capacity to existing facilities. Is expected to be completed in February, when the company will account for 1.5GW battery manufacturing capacity of about 30%.
Through the previous syndicated loans and IPO, to provide capacity expansion of NT $ 1.9 billion (60 million US dollars) financial support. In addition, the company also plans to develop a new component factory, the estimated annual capacity of 1GW.

As early as October 2015, the company announced plans to upgrade its manufacturing capacity from 800 megawatts to 1.5 to 1.6 GW. It seems that the company is now beyond this goal.

Of course, there are many challenges to the development of solar energy in Taiwan, the island is the lack of available land or suitable roof to build solar arrays. But even with these challenges, solar demand is expected to skyrocket. To meet the growing demand, other local enterprises in Taiwan have also launched a new solar energy investment projects.
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