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Sweden can help solar energy power generation plan implementation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-29 17:19:03

Pushing the household solar backup generator system, Sweden intends to launch equipment subsidies, to cooperate with the national development and the policy of new solar power system.


The Swedish government plans to increase the domestic solar energy usage, and to build more intelligent power grid system using elastic; and promote homes using energy equipment, will contribute to the implementation of the plan. On the one hand, the Swedish government has launched 255kW solar system more than the tax relief system, on the other hand, is intended for household energy storage equipment to provide the equivalent of 6 of the cost of the equipment subsidies.


The amount of solar generator in Sweden is only 120MW, but since last year, the growth rate is very high. Swedish energy agency spokesman Lindahl Johan pointed out that Sweden's solar energy last year grew 60%, the growth trend is very strong. Government projections, the solar energy in 2040 is expected to account for the national energy demand of 5~10%.

solar energy power

Therefore, to the Swedish government subsidy program, the house with the storage expenses required system, including batteries, wiring and installation costs, management system, the future is expected to be subsidized by the state 60% payments, the highest subsidies Norway 50000 kronor (about $5400).


Germany has also launched a similar subsidy program, has promoted the 19000 groups and the solar power generator system with energy storage system. Due to the success of the subsidy program, the German government decided to extend this subsidy to 2018.

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