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Swatch Group Develops Electric Vehicle Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-10 14:12:05
According to the US car site Topspeed reported that the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch Group will develop special batteries for electric vehicles.

Co-operation between the car brands and watch manufacturers has a long history, cars with extremely expensive limited edition watch cooperation has been common, but the watch website TwentyTwoTen on Swatch's report may be the cooperation of the two ways to open new doors. Swatch's involvement in the field of cell technology is not surprising in fact because it has been a supporter of renewable energy.

TwentyTwoTen reported that the solar power batteries R & D project is actually the Belenos Clean Power (BCP) companies take the lead. Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek in 2008 to set up BCP, Swatch currently holds 51% stake, is the majority owner of BCP. BCP's mission is "to centralize, transform, store and deliver solar energy and other renewable resources for clean and mobile," as well as "the driving force behind the acceleration of the clean energy revolution".

BCP and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) work together to develop lifepo4 battery pack. It is reported that the use of vanadium production battery pack can not only reduce the weight of the battery, but also reduce the charging time. Nick Hayek said his company will develop batteries that are one-third lighter than Panasonic's Tesla-developed batteries, but charge twice as fast. Vanadium oxide has become one of the best catalysts in the chemical industry. It is called "chemical bread" and is mainly used in the manufacture of high-speed cutting steel and other alloy steels and catalysts.
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Allegedly, if the battery R & D smoothly, Swatch is expected to be sold by 2020 worth 15 billion US dollars (about 1040.175 billion yuan) of the battery.
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