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Surpass the Lithium Battery is Difficult

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 14:15:01

Battery is almost all new energy industry's hope, a variety of electronic equipment and electric vehicles, portable solar power generator need batteries, battery technology and cost is the key for these new energy products market to universal.


Lithium-ion battery technology is now the mainstream, but now many startups are betting on the next generation of new battery technology, but whether it has commercial conditions, the prospects of experts questioned.


MIT Technology Review reported that the US Department of Energy's alternative energy advanced research program ARPA-E sponsored 75 energy storage research, get many forward-looking results, its director Ellen Williams also expressed optimism to the media, "We have in the field of batteries To reach the Holy Grail (amplifying capacity). "However, the report argues that small, low-cost energy storage is still full of variables.


Now many startups are getting closer and closer to producing cost-effective, safe, small, high-density energy storage devices that can cost less than $ 100 per kilowatt-hour. Energy storage at this price can solve wind, solar etc problem, such as solar power generator but also allows electric vehicles lighter and cheaper.


But with a commercial goal is still very far, even Tesla CEO Elon Musk are forced to admit, is gradually improving the lithium-ion battery technology, rather than the Great Leap Forward.


In fact, many researchers believe that energy storage should go beyond the past 10 years by the market concerned about the lithium-ion battery technology, and the need for new chemical and new physical form of lithium battery competition. This year in May, the US Department of Energy held a seminar entitled "Beyond Lithium Ion", this is the ninth.

 lithium batteries

SolidEnergy Systems founder Hu Qichao has developed a lithium metal battery, with a metal anode, rather than for the traditional lithium battery anode graphite material, can make the current electronic equipment energy density is greatly improved.


The main hurdle to developing a new system is that the process of moving from concept to product is particularly difficult in the battery space, because when you improve a certain aspect, it is equal to compromising with others.

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