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Supporters of Charging Pile

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 11:25:35

As we all know, the policy has been to support the development of charging pile in fact there are a lot of.


The "electric vehicle infrastructure development guide (2015-2020)" is the release of the confidence of some investors.

 electric vehicle and solar charging pile

The guidelines proposed in 2020, the country will add a centralized charging stations 12 thousand, distributed charging pile 4 million 800 thousand, to meet the needs of the country's 5 million electric vehicle charging. The future of new residential parking will need to build supporting charging pile equipment, it like a new solar backup generator.


In addition, by 2020, to give priority to the construction of public transportation, rental and sanitation and logistics and other public services charging infrastructure, add more than 3850 bus charging station, 2500 taxi charging station, 2450 sanitation logistics and other special vehicles charging station.


Moreover, in the transportation hub, a large recreational and sports facilities, city green space, large buildings built with parking lot, roadside parking spaces and other city public parking places, built more than 2400 city public charging stations and 500 thousand decentralized public charging pile.

 public solar charging pile

Some observers according to the "guide" estimates, 2020 charging pile industry will be more than 100 billion.


The policy behind is certainly good, but the China energy network to remind readers, what policy itself is not wrong, the policy level has the obligation to clear planning and supporting industry in the initial period of investment in terms of stimulating.


However, as the main body of the market, enterprises must pay attention to the other side of the policy "cruel". Hundreds of billions of market space, whether all the charging plate enterprises have the ability to eat? Large scale investment and uncertainty of the recovery period and the rate of return will bring to the enterprise what kind of challenge?


From the solar power generator and wind power industry is the best. Fresh is, when the market is good, do clothing, mineral, and even the capital of the glasses are coming in to the photovoltaic industry. It can be said that the local government and the bank has become an important contributor to fatten up "the new energy industry. A thriving time, the risk has been piling up.


From the beginning of 2011, a sudden turn for the worse situation, China wind power and photovoltaic industry status in the global supply chain, will soon be quickly back to the original value. After a few years, a large number of enterprises closed down for the price, the two industries are gradually breathing.


In the meantime, the past policy risk aggregation outbreak release, so many companies have no difficulty hovering on the edge of life and death.


From this perspective, there is a need to close attention to the room for maneuver in the future policy.


But as we all know, the money is not easy to earn money. China energy network according to the comprehensive interview with the parties expected: within 2 years, there is no charging pile companies can really make money; within 5 years, few can make money; after 5 years will be a real profit turning. The problem is - 5 years later, some enterprises can still survive it?


There is an awkward focus need attention: for operators, the market volume of public charging pile is not big. By 2020, the field of public charging, remove the bus, taxi, sanitation and other vehicles, a user with 4 million passenger size calculation, electricity charge service fee of 0.5 yuan, a year and the charging operating income of only 1 billion 200 million yuan.

 the market volume of public charging pile

1 billion 200 million yuan of industrial scale, to support much of the investment? Public charging pile industry in a short period of time the influx of a large number of capital, perhaps soon will be a bubble, speculation concept, short-term speculation will emerge.


In accordance with the market recognized price, a slow charge of public charging pile in the average price of 20 thousand yuan, fast charging pile costs between 100 thousand -20 million. A charging station with more than and 10 charging piles, not the cost of land use, infrastructure, power distribution facilities, operations and other costs will be more than a few million dollars. Only rely on the charge of charging 0.5-0.8 yuan for the revenue source, want to recover the cost and profit, a long time span.


Moreover, the public charging pile market is a pure incremental market, in order to cover operations, management and depreciation of fixed investment and other costs to achieve profitability, the need for scale support, to reach a balance point.


The high cost of the initial investment, short time can not be profitable, determine the importance of the business model. At present, each participating in public charging facilities construction and operation of enterprises, are exploring innovative models, such as the new energy vehicles sales, leasing, maintenance and maintenance and other value-added services to include. Fuden technology will be charging station operators and new energy automobile lease business combination, launched the "small car" of its business.


Jiangsu million to help the stars charge for public charging pile operating platform to raise the public to raise the size of the site to raise the size of the charging station. Shenzhen is relying on the Internet technology, the laying of charging piles in the country, charging stations, connected to a full range of three-dimensional network, through the software App to achieve one stop charging service.

 one stop solar charging pile service.JPG

Careful analysis can be found, by combining with the Internet, has become widely used in the way companies are charging pile, tgood, aotexun, Ding shares, the constant electrical charging pile and many other enterprises engaged in extensive layout in the "Internet + charging facilities".


In September this year, the new energy vehicle charging integrated service operators, electric stake, the company announced that the music network to get tens of millions of dollars A round of financing, the two sides said it will jointly promote the electric vehicle intelligent charging equipment, the charging pile is like a small solar generator. This cross-border investment, which caused a sensation in the capital market. "Electric pile" company the largest promotional highlights is "Internet plus".

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