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Sunverge Energy Announces AC-Coupled Model Energy Storage Products

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-12 12:30:57
Sunverge Energy (San Francisco, CA, USA), a provider of smart energy storage systems for residential and small businesses, today announced the availability of an AC-coupled model of its energy storage products.

This rooftop solar powered portable generator PV system provides a better backup power source for renewable energy installers and utility partners, making it easier to install than other energy storage systems.
Sunverge Energy Announces AC-Coupled Model Energy Storage Products
Sunverge AC-coupled SIS provides storage and control. AC coupling allows the PV power from the roof to flow through the grid-connected inverter first to the critical AC load, supplying power to the SIS memory cell before it transfers excess energy.

In the event of grid disruption, PV arrays and battery storage can be used to directly power critical loads. The AC-coupled system can also effectively deliver redundant solar power to the grid, allowing DCs to integrate storage with equipment in other locations, creating a "virtual power plant" that can serve other grid customers, like DC-coupled systems.

"While some of our competitors are committed to future AC-coupled systems, Sunverge is currently providing a proven system that meets the highest standards of security," said Ken Munson, CEO of Sunverge.

Like all SIS devices, Sunverge's AC-coupled SIS includes Sunverge's proprietary virtual power plant software, a cloud-based platform that helps owners make the most efficient use of their storage and rooftop solar power generator systems, monitor and manage distributed energy resources ( DER).
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