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SunPower Reduces Solar Cell Production Capacity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-27 08:55:03
SunPower, a manufacturer and developer of high-performance PV modules, plans to reduce its IBC solar cell production capacity with more than 24 percent industry-leading conversion rates.
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SunPower said in its telecom report for the third quarter of 2016 that the company has closed its PV assembly business in the Philippines due to future restructuring measurements and took over from its Taiwanese partner, AU Optronics, a solar powered portable generator cell production joint venture in Malaysia .

The average selling price of PV modules has fallen 25% in the last few months due to overcapacity in the industry and price pressure in PV power purchase agreements, the company said. The company's management also said that the wave of auctions for PV power plants also had an impact on its competitiveness in the public utility market.
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As a result, the company's strategy includes sequestering several solar power generator cell and component production lines to meet the relatively weaker expected market demand in 2017. More details will be disclosed on the results conference call on December 7 and will include the company's financial results for 2017.

Before the company cut production, SunPower has 1.6GW battery and components of its own production capacity.

SunPower's management has concluded that its 350MW X-Series IBC battery capacity at the Philippines's No. 4 plant will not be affected by the cut, primarily affecting its second-generation E-Series battery pack capacity.
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