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SunPower Q3 financial revenue doubled to $729 million

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-16 11:37:38

102MW will Henrietta SunPower project in the remaining 49% of the shares sold to 8point3 Energy Partners yieldco, revenue increased significantly. The company's power plant business non GAAP revenue more than 60%, much higher than in the past three quarters.


SunPower launched a new generation of Oasis 3 power plant solutions in the third quarter, and signed a contract to provide more than 700 megawatts of solar power generator system.

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Residential and commercial market shipments less. The company shipped about 40 megawatts of Equinox residential solutions, commercial MW class shipments increased by about 50%.


SunPower solar power battery components production performance is very good. The third quarter, Taiwan's SunPower and solve the dispute, and the acquisition of the remaining shares in the 3's Malaysia joint venture Fab.


Despite the technological progress, but SunPower believes that the current mismatch between supply and demand will still have an impact. SunPower will reduce its capacity utilization, in order to meet the needs of restricted inventory. The company also plans to implement cost cutting plans, while focusing on cash generation and earnings growth.


SunPower is expected in the fourth quarter will be deployed 235 to 265 megawatts of PV modules, nearly 40% will be used for residential market.


2016 is expected to target the SunPower in terms of profitability continued to issue. The company is expected to make a profit of 24.3-26.3 billion dollars, but a net loss of 2.95-3.2 billion.

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