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Sumsung SDI Builds Battery Production Plant in Hungary

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-03 09:30:47
Samsung SDISamsung SDI plans to spend about 400 billion won (US $ 358 million) to build a lifepo4 battery production plant in Hungary, the Hungarian electric car supplier. Samsung SDI also started the layout of production capacity and open up the European market demand, China's demand for its current doldrums disappointed.

Improve productivity cost savings Samsung SDI build electric car lifepo4 battery plant in Hungary.

Samsung SDI recently said the company proposed to set up factories in the vicinity of Budapest, will begin production in the second half of 2018, the annual output of the battery enough for 50,000 electric cars. As a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI said in a statement, the plant will help us to save logistics costs and customer needs to make a quick response, because European companies are basically in Hungary neighboring countries and regions.

Samsung SDI in Korea for the production of the BMW i3 battery factory in China last year also began production in China is the largest market for electric vehicles, but the subsidy policy of the country blocking its sales. Sources told Reuters in April that the company's competitors, LG Chem will build electric car battery plant in Poland, the European car manufacturers to meet growing demand.
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