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Suli Solar Light: Charge Five Minutes, Lighting An Hour

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 14:25:31

Lighting equipment is one of the necessary tools for outdoor sports, but the bulky battery pack is definitely a nightmare of outdoor activities, so more people tend to choose solar lights as their own lighting device. People like simple and beautiful products, like now users like to use “All-In-One” as home solar power generator. Today, you will be introduced to the customer network is a Suli solar lights from Chile, a stylish appearance and good lighting performance of the creative lamps.

solar light

In fact, there are a lot of intelligent lights, before the network also reported that the LuminAID can be filled with gas lamps, relying on gravity lighting GravityLight gravity lights and add salt water can be able to glow lamp SALt salt water lamp. As a creative small object, the advantage of Suli light is the diversity of its use. You can use it when fixed on a bicycle handle as riding lights, can also be placed in a backpack for camping, you can even use it as a lamp in the adsorption window.

solar  intelligent lights on bycycle

And Suli more practical, the audience to a wide range of. GravityLight gravity lamp, for example, although its power generation is very creative, but it is too much trouble, who would want to use the power of the 9kg when the power is used to convert the potential energy into electrical energy? If one product is too heavy, it’s not good to use, for example in battery fields, the light lifepo4 batteries will replace the heavy lead acid batteries. After all, LuminAID, GravityLight these smart lights are invented for Africa and other backward areas, the purpose is to popularize the use of electric lights. But on the commercial, Suli stylish appearance and apparently superior to the simple method. Suli compact, but not the size of the palm, it looks like the current very popular portable Bluetooth speaker. May be it is portable and easy to use high value features, so that it successfully raised $23171 in Indiegogo last year, the public.

solar intelligent lights placed in a backpack

It has a built-in 3AAA battery, can provide a luminous flux of 25 lumens, and lasted for 60 hours of continuous lighting in five modes. The back of the fuselage is a solar panel, charging 6 to 12 hours in the sun, it’s like a small solar generator. This charging efficiency is fairly good, if the linear conversion of the words that is really "charging five minutes, lighting 1 hours".

a small solar power generator with solar panel

a small solar power generator with charger

In order to make it adapt to a variety of application scenarios, Suli lab also through the 3D printing to create a number of accessories (such as the car handle on the fixed base). These accessories are now available in their official website, the price below $15. The Suli lab also seems to be going to the lighting accessories as additional important goods, and plans through the establishment of resource sharing community and the publication of 3D print DIY development kit to encourage more fans to make their interested parts.


As for the Suli price, the company priced at $36.99, if you go to the official website is now scheduled to be able to get a discount price of $31.49. Suli team said they will be the fastest delivery at the end of this month.

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