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Subsidy Policy's Effect On Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-16 11:50:36
Recently, in the vehicle technical service center (hereinafter referred to as "in the machine center") issued a notice in the industry caused no small vibration. The notice that the relevant departments of the State Ministry of Industry has released the first five batches of new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory (hereinafter referred to as "recommended directory") collective void, all in accordance with the latest requirements to re-examine.

In December 2016, the National Ministry of Industry and related departments have released the fourth and fifth batch of recommended directory. Many in the industry believe that the fourth and fifth installment of recommended directory in time for the new version of the introduction of new energy vehicles before the introduction of subsidy policies intended to solve the problem of new energy vehicles and clear the backlog of new energy vehicles sold by the original subsidy standards. Now it does not seem so.
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In the technical requirements of the notice part of the product, the machine center requires participation in re-examination of new energy vehicles and products must comply with the Finance [2016] 958 "on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the use of financial subsidies policy" requirements, Is the industry called the new version of the subsidy policy requirements.

Government departments concerned about the importance of the new version of the subsidy policy can be seen. So, in the new version of the subsidy policy brought about by the new technical requirements, the future power battery materials and configuration will be affected?

In the new subsidy policy, the new energy passenger cars and non-fast-charging type of new energy bus subsidy standards and the battery system energy density directly linked. The higher the energy density of the battery system, the greater the subsidy coefficient. Among them, the pure electric passenger car power battery system quality energy density of not less than 90Wh / kg, higher than 120Wh / kg by 1.1 times to give subsidies. Non-fast-charging electric bus battery system quality energy density of not less than 85Wh / kg, higher than 115Wh / kg by 1.2 times to give subsidies.

As a result, industry analysis, the subsidy factor and the battery energy density linked to the three-cell lithium iron phosphate relative to the advantages of more obvious, ternary batteries will be further popularized.

However, with the industry to subsidize the new version of the digestion and understanding, there are people in the industry made a different point of view.

China North Vehicle Research Institute, director of the battery laboratory, the National 863 electric vehicle major special power battery testing center director Wang Ziyong said in related occasions, the new version of the subsidy policy based on the battery energy density refers to the battery system energy density. Ternary batteries although the battery-level energy density and production technology maturity has an advantage, but from the battery and battery system level, compared to lifepo4 battery pack, ternary batteries do not necessarily have the advantage.

Prince Winter pointed out that the 18650 ternary battery, for example, the new energy vehicles with 18650 batteries battery density is not high. World-renowned brand of electric vehicles Tesla 18650 ternary batteries used in the battery energy density of about 236 Wh / kg, the battery energy density is only 104 Wh / kg or so, than some of the square lithium iron phosphate batteries, battery energy Density (110 Wh / kg) is low. In addition, 18650 ternary batteries in cycle life, echelon utilization and recycling of waste batteries compared to lithium iron phosphate battery is no advantage. Tesla chose 18650 ternary battery, because Tesla was selected when the battery does not appear square battery and soft battery, and battery type, once selected, the system can not easily change.
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A large domestic power battery charge also said that LFP battery in the system after the energy density may be higher than the ternary battery pack. After the introduction of the new subsidy policy, some industry insiders believe that the policy tended to ternary battery, this understanding is not comprehensive.

In addition, the person in charge, the new subsidy policy on the power battery, especially the safety of electric bus battery made a very high demand, many people do not have a comprehensive understanding of this issue. At present, ternary batteries to meet the safety requirements of electric bus is very difficult.

"Early 2016, the relevant government departments announced the ternary battery suspended in the electric bus on the promotion and application of the electric passenger car safety technology standards have been upgraded to enhance the standard after the ternary battery technical requirements are high, coupled with the relevant At present, ternary batteries to enter the electric bus through the detection of the field is actually very difficult, even in the short term is unlikely to be. "The official said.
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