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Stargroup First Half Operating Income Goes Down

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-06 12:05:27
Stargroup (430,084) recently released semi-annual report, first half operating income of 64,312,303.73 yuan on revenue of 150,516,782.69 yuan, down 57.27%, mainly due to: First, the 2015 annual domestic economic downturn, affected companies sales contracts signed in fiscal 2015 to reduce the company project duration 10 months, therefore, reduce the amount of 2015 annual sales contract period of completion revenue recognition caused a corresponding reduction in the project, the larger issue of the signing of the contract amount, but not completed recognized in the current period income; Second, with the investment in new energy vehicles, lithium battery separator materials and intelligent robot project more in-depth projects, the company continued the initiative to abandon the existing main products of low profits and payment conditions for poor project management policy.

Stargroup, said the company was founded in Jiangxi Yichun Jiangxi Star Molecular Materials Technology Co., Ltd. of lithium ceramic membrane production line has been put into operation, stretch film production line in March 2016 formally put into production, and the establishment of specialized flexible film (lithium batteries) smart materials and equipment company Beijing Star technology Co., Ltd. public record, to accelerate the emerging industry of intelligent industrial equipment layout, and promote the process of industrial development of the company.

The ceramic film lifepo4 batteries production line is Technology Research Institute research and development of new energy lithium battery separator of high-speed production line with independent intellectual property rights, the adoption of a large number of advanced technology at home and abroad, a number of key technologies to break the lithium battery separator production. Line speed to achieve the leading level of domestic and foreign production lines, production efficiency is improved by more than 30%.
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