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Standards for Electric Car Should Have

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 10:58:34

According to the US Embassy on behalf of the standard transaction fee Xia (Cathy Feig) introduced, China and the United States has a completely different standards. Chinese standards system is a "top-down", mainly by government ministries, various think-tanks and sorts of standardization committee to lead the standard-setting work; but the United States and China on the contrary, "bottom-up "the system, the US standard-setting mainly by industry and the market-led, American businesses and consumers plays an active role to consumer product safety standards development.


So, from the standards point of view, the United States has a more "mass base" than China. For American standards superior point system, our government departments are slowly exploring and learning. It is reported that the implementation of standardized reform since the end of 2014, and the completion of the draft revision of China Standardization Law in 2016. In the ongoing revision of the standardization process, our government wants to transform the functions of government to develop standardized, so that companies and markets play a more active and leading role's attitude is very clear. In other words, China's standard-setting work more and more emphasis on "mass base."

Whether it is balanced car, or domestic power battery and electric car industry, or solar powered portable generator industry, these new industries developed to a certain stage, the standards will be placed in front of the industry can not bypass. As deputy director of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Law Department Dr. Liu Chao said that innovation means a new product from scratch, after a non-existent product originally born, the first problem is to bring this product to the consumer whether safety or can become a qualified consumer goods. The security problem can only be solved by industry standards.

"Stone carved can be tuned into jade." At present, the development of power battery and electric vehicle industry in China is in the policy adjustment and standards important juncture, insiders hope that our government departments to learn American standards development organizations adhere to the safety of the public in the first place, ready to respond to market and have attitude needs to be adjusted, refer to the "bottom-up", with the "broad mass base," the advanced standards mode to the standard setting is "starting point" to further consolidate our power battery and electric vehicle industrial base, leading the industry health development in the long-term.

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