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South Africa's new renewable power price is lower than coal-fired power’s 4 percent

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-04 15:51:39

Renewable energy costs continue to decline, making Chile, the Middle East continue to open a new low-cost solar procurement, but now even the latitude conditions are not so good in South Africa to catch up with the trend, according to the South African Science and Technology Industry Research Center (Center for Scientific and Industrial Research ), The price of renewable energy like solar power generator was significantly lower, making the 2016 renewable energy prices have been lower than coal-fired power generation and other traditional energy sources.

South Africa's 2010 Ingegrated Resource Plan 2010 to expand the power system to meet the 2010-2030 electricity demand, plans to purchase 29 GW from independent private power plants, including 17.3 GW of renewable energy, 11.5 GW of non-renewable energy, the planned new plant power plant tender, since 2011 tender, has gone through four bidding period, in which renewable energy has purchased 2.5 GW and started , While coal-fired power generation has also procured nearly 900 megawatts (MW).


According to the South African Science and Technology Industry Research Center statistics, found that wind energy and solar generator bid price avalanche, by the end of 2011 the first bid period, the solar energy was priced at 3.65 South African coins, wind energy was 1.51 South African coin, but then both fell rapidly, solar In particular, faster than the wind energy, November 11, 2015 date of the fourth bid, the subject of the purchase price of electricity, solar and wind energy has fallen to a considerable price per unit price of 0.62 yuan South Africa coins, about 0.31 yuan.

In contrast, the coal-fired power generation, the South African private power plant in 2014 the new set-based coal-fired power generation bidding power purchase price of 1.03 yuan per kilowatt South African coins, equivalent to 0.52 yuan. Wind power and solar energy prices lower than coal-fired power generation by about 4 percent, and coal-fired electricity purchase price has not yet included in the 120 South African carbon per tonne of carbon tax, included in the advantages of renewable energy will be more expanded.

South African Center for Science and Technology Research estimates that the South African state-owned power company Eskom if the new base-fired coal-fired power plants, the estimated cost of electricity per kilowatt in between 1.05 to 1.16 South African coins; base-loaded nuclear power plant power costs per degree Electricity 1.17 ~ 1.3 between the South African coins; medium-cycle gas-fired power generation per kilowatt 0.98 to 1.24 South African coins; medium coal-fired power plants were 1.51 South African dollars per kilowatt.


The report shows that the rapid decline in renewable energy prices is still progressive now, the past renewable energy than the traditional image of your energy was completely broken, even the cost per kilowatt-hour even lower than coal-fired low 4 percent, comprehensive lower than gas, Coal, nuclear energy.

The report of the South African Center for Science, Technology and Industry was originally proposed earlier, but the windfall and solar backup generator price depreciation rate was so high that it had to be re-compiled and re-released in mid-October 2016.

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