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Sony Vaio Notebook Battery Recall

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-03 09:55:14
Recently, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sony) to the AQSIQ for the recall plan, recalled some imports in January 2014 made VGP-BPS26 battery pack. The number of battery packs affected worldwide, including mainland China, excluding the battery packs sold in Europe, was 359 pcs.
China Economic Net reporter learned that the recall within the scope of the lifepo4 battery pack is manufactured by the Matsushita Group's companies. As part of the thickness of the electrode coating material in the production process more than the standard range, and was confirmed may lead to battery short circuit, there are very individual case of overheating and cause the possibility of burnout. For the recall within the battery, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. will replace the customer for a free battery pack to meet the requirements to eliminate hidden dangers.

Sony (China) Co., Ltd. recently issued a recall plan on the official website to remind consumers of the affected battery packs to stop using the laptop battery pack and contact Sony (China) Co., Ltd. for replacement. Users can visit the Sony (China) Co., Ltd. official website (http://service.sony.com.cn/index.htm) to check whether the VAIO laptop battery pack is affected by the product, and through the customer service hotline (400 810 2228 ) Further information on the specific circumstances, but also landing AQSIQ website import and export commodity inspection section (www.jyjgs.aqsiq.gov.cn) for more information. In addition, consumers can visit the AQSIQ import and export of industrial and consumer risk assessment center website (www.racicp.org.cn) or call 010-53897456, reflecting the recall process of the implementation of the problem or submit the import of consumer goods Defective clue.


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