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Sonnen Electricity Storage Operation In L.A.

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:38:35
SonnenLos Angeles billionaire Elon Musk is driving development of more than just electric cars: The head of Tesla Motors Inc. often grabs headlines with his company’s Powerwall battery, designed to let homeowners stash electricity from their solar panels for later use.

But a North Hollywood operation has been quietly beating Musk and Tesla when it comes to selling residential electricity storage batteries.

Sonnen Inc., which emerged on the world stage half a dozen years ago in Bavaria, Germany, has sold 13,000 residential storage batteries worldwide at a current pace of about 900 a month. U.S. sales, managed out of the Sonnen’s American headquarters in North Hollywood, account for about a quarter of the monthly tally.

Tesla is still ramping up Powerwall production but delivered 2,500 Powerwall systems worldwide in the first three months of the year, according to a May shareholder letter. Sonnen sold 2,600 residential batteries during the same period, a company record.  

“Elon Musk has the name,” said Boris von Bormann, chief executive of Sonnen Inc. He didn’t bother to stifle a grin as he added: “Yes, we are the leader.”

With little fanfare, Sonnen rolled out its U.S. operations less than a year ago and opened the Southern California office in January. The company already has expanded its offerings to include commercial electricity storage, which should be ready for delivery by the end of the year.
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