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Sonnen Business Mode In Germany

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-12 10:58:06
After some years of development, the growth rate of the German PV portable solar power generator installed in the past two years has been significantly decreased, and this does not mean that the development of the PV market in Germany has entered a recession period. In Germany, the proportion of renewable energy in Germany, the German power system flexibility is also put forward higher requirements, and then gave birth to a new market - photovoltaic energy storage.

In Germany, due to the popularity of home photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic energy storage is of great interest to residents of the main users, they are mainly in order to solve their own solar power generation and electricity consumption. On the one hand, the maximum self-sufficiency to become one of the driving force for the development of photovoltaic energy storage, on the other hand, the development of photovoltaic energy storage can not be separated from the growing economic driving force.

Especially in recent years, although the price of electricity in Germany, a large decline in tariff subsidies, but the development of electricity is very rapid. In addition to these factors, the subsidy plan adjustment, the future electricity price rise trend, energy stimulus quickly reduced prices and KfW also promote photovoltaic energy storage in Germany was quickly recognized.

And this trend is not only in Germany, in the United States began to show. In April last year, the electric car industry giant Tesla announced this year to sell lifepo4 batteries to the home. Elon Musk, CEO for the storage industry's interest and ambition does not stop in the field of electric vehicles, this time he aimed at the home energy storage. He named the product Powerwalls, which is a family storage battery. Daily use, it is generated by the solar panel power charging, or through the public grid charging period in the trough, and then in the evening when the peak electricity supply for home. When the public power grid is cut off, it can be used as a backup power supply. Intelligent, compact, easy to install, Powerwall energy wall can not rely on the independent operation of the public power grid, in an emergency to provide power security for the ordinary family.
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