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Some solve methods about solar power generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 14:52:26

1, after the need to clean up the solar power generator system? PV modules after the winter snow melt, how to deal with ice? Can you step on the component to clean up the work?

If there is a heavy snow component accumulation of snow is the need to clean up, can use soft goods push snow, be careful not to scratch the glass component, there is a certain load, but not on the cleaning component in the above components will cause the concealed damage, affect the component life, generally not recommended and the snow is too thick to clean, to avoid the component excessive icing.

 solar power generator

2, distributed PV system can resist the harm of hail it?


Qualified components in grid connected photovoltaic system must be through the positive maximum static load (wind load, snow load) 5400PA, the maximum static load of 2400PA and 25MM in diameter on the back of the hail to 23M/S seconds and hit the strict test, it will not bring harm to the photovoltaic power generation system.


3. How to deal with the temperature rise and ventilation of the solar cells?


The output power of solar power battery will be decreased with the increase of temperature, ventilation and heat dissipation can improve the efficiency of power generation, the most commonly used method for natural ventilation.

4, photovoltaic power generation system for users with electromagnetic radiation hazard?


Photovoltaic power generation system is based on light voltaic principle converts solar energy into electricity, no pollution, no radiation, inverter, power distribution cabinet and other electronic devices through the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing, so there is no harm to the body.


5, photovoltaic power generation system noise hazards?


Photovoltaic power generation system is to convert the solar energy into electrical energy, will not produce the impact of noise, the inverter noise index is not higher than 65 dB, there will be no noise hazards.


6, households with distributed solar backup generator system of fire and fire should pay attention to what the problem?


Near the distributed power generation system prohibit piling flammable and explosive materials, once the fire caused by the loss of personnel and property immeasurable, in addition to basic fire safety measures, also reminded PV system with self detection and fire prevention function, reduce the probability of a fire, in addition to the every 40 meters long must be reserved for fire and emergency service corridor. DC system for circuit breaker and must have convenient operation.


7, grid connected photovoltaic power system failure, the user to whom the repair, there is no unified national telephone service?


PV system failure to the first time to feedback to the installation, the installation of the chamber of Commerce in the shortest time to make fault treatment, the proposed selection of large brands, reputable manufacturers. At the same time can also be established throughout the operation and maintenance center, failure by the operation and maintenance center maintenance.

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