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Some important questions about solar power generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 14:41:08

1, clean solar power generator components with water and a simple wipe clean on the line? Water wipe will not have the risk of electric shock?


In order to avoid wiping components to people in high temperature and strong light shock damage and possibly the destruction of components, Assembly recommended cleaning work in the morning or late afternoon, it is recommended to clean PV glass surface with a soft brush, clean soft water, detergent, washing powder do not use, in order to avoid damage to the PV modules, clean use intensity should be small, to avoid damage to the surface of the glass, coated glass components to avoid damage to the glass layer.

 solar power

2, how to correctly use the downtime maintenance time?


Priority to the early morning or evening light weak system is not running on the system maintenance, maintenance of the protective measures before the use of insulation gloves insulated tools.


3, how to find a piece of PV modules in the photovoltaic array is a failure?


When users find or decrease with the adjacent installation power system is lower than that in the same generation the same time system, the system may have abnormal, the user can through the abnormal fluctuations in the monitoring data of junction box discover photovoltaic array a component failure, then contact the professionals with the clamp type table, thermal imager other specialized equipment to diagnose system problems, and ultimately determine the component system.


4. Impact on the power system block 9, photovoltaic module houses, even the shadow of the leaves of guano?

Will cause a relatively large impact on the solar backup generator power system block photovoltaic module housing, even the shadow of the leaves of guano, the electrical characteristics of solar cells for each component is consistent, otherwise it will be blocked in the electric performance is not good or the battery on the so-called hot spot effect, a series of solar cell components will be blocked as the load consumption of solar cell components of other light energy generated by the solar cell module is blocked at this time may have a fever, this is the thermal effect, the phenomenon of serious cases will damage the solar module, in order to avoid hot spot series branch need to bypass diodes installed in the photovoltaic module, you need to hot spot prevent the installation of DC series circuit in insurance each PV string, even if there is no shelter hot spot effect of solar power battery will also affect the power generation.


5, in order to prevent the photovoltaic components were heavy impact, can not be added to the photovoltaic array of wire fence?


It is not recommended to install the barbed wire fence, because the installation of wire fence along the PV array may cause the component part of the shadow, the formation of hot spot effect, the entire photovoltaic power station, the efficiency of the power generation. In addition, due to the qualified PV modules have been through the ice hockey impact experiment, in general, the impact will not affect the performance of the component.


6, the sun in the sky, broken fragile device requiring immediate replacement?


Can not be replaced immediately, if you want to change the proposal in the morning or late afternoon, should contact the power plant operation and maintenance personnel, by the professional personnel to replace.


7, thunderstorms and lightning weather need to disconnect the photovoltaic power generation system?


Distributed solar backup generator system is equipped with lightning protection device, so do not disconnect. In order to safety recommendations can choose the circuit breaker switch disconnect junction box, cut off the circuit with PV modules connected to avoid the lightning protection module to remove the lightning damage, operation and maintenance personnel should be timely detection performance of lightning protection module, in order to avoid the harm caused by the failure of the lightning protection module.

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