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Some iPhone 6S Enjoy Free Replacement Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-26 09:12:06
Apple for "iphone accident shutdown," the issue of solutions, some iphone 6s device can be purchased in the original country or region, enjoy a free replacement battery service. Among them, this part of the iphone 6s refers to the production date of September 2015 to October between the devices.

Prior to the November 15, the Chinese Consumers Association official website published a query on the phone abnormal shutdown of Apple's letter, the inquiry revealed that the consumer associations have recently received consumers to reflect their recent use of iPhone6 and iPhone6s Series of mobile phones appear in the case of 50% -60% power automatically shut down, the system automatically shut down after the upgrade is still there, the environment cooler or even automatically shut down at room temperature, automatic shutdown does not connect the charger can not boot and so on. Consumers Association in clear that Apple received a letter of inquiry in 10 days after the reply in the consumer association.
In response, Apple responded that the phone automatically shut down, this is not a security issue. If you experience an unexpected shutdown, you can go to an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider where the technician checks the serial number of the device and confirms that the device meets the conditions for a free replacement battery.

The message was issued, causing many users hot. Microblogging User Wang said: "The iphone6 how to do? The solar power generator battery used in the final 14% on the automatic shutdown, is not part of, and this situation is the last one or two months before the emergence of." Mr. Wang the same situation User "Miumiu Mu Xiao" also said that her iphone6 only a year or so, one to winter, obviously is full of electricity to go out, make a phone call on the left 1%. And this part of the status of the phone regardless of it? In response to this situation, Apple did not explain the reasons and provide solutions.
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