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Solve Solar Efficiency Issues

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-25 13:29:58
solarProfessor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison invented a battery, solar cell efficiency to solve the problem at night.

Currently, one of the major limitations of solar powered portable generator is that it is not reliable as a power source. To solve this problem, companies started to invest in lithium-ion battery storage. Take a different stance, Professor Song and his colleagues decided to solar cell itself has a large capacity battery combined. According to gold, which eliminates the step of making power, but the energy is transmitted directly to the electrolyte of the battery.

Kim chose the "redox flow battery," or RFB, which stores energy in a tank of liquid electrolytes.

This makes it simple battery discharge power grid at night, according to Kim.

"We're just a load is connected to a different set of electrodes through the electrolyte through the charging device, and power flows."

Solar charging and discharging of electricity that can be reused many times smaller loss of efficiency, he added.

Unlike the lithium-ion battery, wherein said R FB stored chemical energy stored in the energy of the liquid electrolyte in the solid electrode.

"The RFB is relatively cheap, you can build the storage device as much as you need, which is why it is grid-level electricity storage most promising approach," said Kim.
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