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Solid-State Lithium Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-19 13:55:55
December 17, at the Global New Energy Vehicle Conference (GNEV7) opened in Beijing China World Hotel. In the afternoon of the sub-forum "power battery: the global competitive landscape and the next generation of technology", Ningde era R & D Manager Guo Yongsheng to "power battery next-generation technology - solid lithium metal battery" as the theme of the speech, R & D of solid-state lithium metal battery.

Guo Yongsheng introduction Ningde era in the next generation of lifepo4 battery technology has a certain layout, in the solid-state battery has done a lot of exploration and reflection. Why Ningde times to do solid-state lithium batteries? The traditional lithium battery is graphite, the most extreme density is 270,280kwh / kg, the next generation of technology is silicon, the introduction of this, the energy density can be 300kwh / kg, the limit is 350kwh / kg, 350 after the end use what? Lithium may be negative, and this is not a new topic, there have been seven or eight years of research history, so the lithium metal in the traditional format of the electrolytic chain which faces a great challenge.
Solid-State Lithium Batteries
So, to solve the challenges facing the lithium metal is to use solid-state, so the lithium-metal lithium metal batteries may be used, but also can use high-pressure materials, while compatible safe and viable option, this is the Ningde era in the future a research and development Of the layout. In fact, we are not familiar with solid-state batteries, including academia, industry are concerned about this matter, can be divided into three generations of solid-state batteries, the first generation is the traditional lithium-ion batteries into electrolytes, this advantage is not obvious , Because the replacement of solid-state batteries, the energy density, the volume of energy density than the existing traditional lithium-ion to low, positive and negative pole piece which also needs. The second generation is to replace the negative electrode lithium metal, cathode with a traditional cathode material, you can use high voltage, and then the next generation, because the anode with lithium, cathode material can be used without lithium materials, can use sulfur, the other does not contain Lithium can try, so that energy density will be further improved space.

Guo Yongsheng introduced Ningde times to do solid-state batteries before the world to do solid-state battery business to do the research, you can see the solid-state battery is doing some big companies, they do the whole are in Europe and America. Mainly lithium metal and the traditional positive and negative materials companies to do, solid electrolyte is divided into three, one is the main polymer, the other is the oxide, then there is the sulfide. To do solid-state batteries, the three-dimensional solid electrolyte, the most important is the problem of lithium subconductivity, mass transfer is the key to the key, because the conductivity of lithium conductivity itself has a very important relationship. Guo Yongsheng introduced the three solid-state battery industry-wide research progress.

In the polymer, in 2011, when the French company in London to invest in a solid-state battery car, the car is a test run taxi, the battery is a PEO polymer, this is a performance of their , Is the level of power is more than 1300 weeks. Ningde era also done a few years ago to a slightly larger battery, do not buckle battery, the lifepo4 battery pack can do 80%, about 600 weeks level, but also the overall performance of the security, so the solid-state performance, regardless of Is cut or bent, security is no big problem, which is why do solid-state battery important factor.
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