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Solid-State Lithium Batteries For Next Generation Battery Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-03 08:57:52
In a new round of power battery investment boom, solid-state battery is becoming the next generation of battery technology in the world "new favorite."
Solid-State Lithium Batteries
British tycoon James Dyson (James Dyson) recently announced a high-profile investment $ 1.4 billion bet solid-state lithium batteries, at the same time, a Chinese battery industry start-ups also do the same low-key layout.

November 28, Qing Tao (Kunshan) Energy Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qing Tao Development") officially announced its entry into the solid-state lithium battery industry.

The company was founded in 2014 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering Research Institute founder of the South Cenwen. It is to do the liquid battery ceramic diaphragm assembly started, is now a comprehensive layout of the solid-state lithium battery R & D and production, involving materials, production equipment and technology in three major areas.

"Our all-solid-state batteries are scheduled to launch in September next year, the first mass-produced products, mainly for small-scale energy storage areas." Qingtao Development Chairman Feng Yuchuan on the 21st century economic reports, such as electric vehicles Medium-sized and power plants such as large-scale storage of all solid-state batteries, at least until after 2020 to launch.

Currently, Qing Tao Development has completed the Pre-A and A round of financing, from Feng Rui capital of 68.5 million investment. "This is also Feng Rui Capital is currently in the field of electric vehicles to vote the first and only project." Feng Rui Capital Partners Li Feng on the 21st century economic reports.
Solid-State Lithium Batteries
As the next-generation solar powered portable generator battery technology, all solid-state batteries, for many people is a rather vague concept.

Simply put, all-solid-state lithium battery is relative to the liquid lithium battery is concerned, refers to the structure does not contain liquid, all materials are solid form in the form of energy storage devices. Specifically, it is composed of a cathode material + an anode material and an electrolyte, and a liquid lithium battery is composed of a cathode material + an anode material + an electrolyte and a separator.

Solid-state lithium battery using lithium as the cathode, solid inorganic or polymer materials as the electrolyte, the energy density than with the same type of cathode materials, lithium-ion battery 20% -30% higher than the same type of cathode materials, / RTI & gt;

"All-solid-state lithium batteries as a substitute for solid electrolyte can easily lead to the explosion of the battery electrolyte to improve the safety of the battery." Nan Ce Wen introduction, it also has high energy density, can achieve flexibility / miniaturization and other advantages.
Fung Yu Chuan introduced all-solid-state lithium battery monomer energy density in the laboratory can be 400Wh / kg, in the pilot phase up to 375Wh / kg, mass production stage can reach 300Wh / kg or more, and 300Wh / kg is the current Liquid battery efforts are not easy to achieve by 2020.

It is for this reason, including Bosch, Toyota, Toshiba, Apple and other world-renowned enterprises have been in this area layout.

"From a global point of view, all solid-state lithium battery is still in the laboratory stage, it is mainly facing the electrolyte and anode materials, lithium-ion conductivity is low, production technology and process challenges, and so has not entered the pilot and industrialization Stage analysis. "

According to the "China's new energy automotive industry development report (2016)", currently only 3,000 in Paris for the shared rental of pure electric vehicles using Autolib production of lithium polymer solid-state batteries, because the room temperature ionic conductivity of solid electrolyte Low, the battery operating temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, the scope of use is limited, the solar power generator battery production costs are much higher than the current lithium-ion battery.

"Autolib's lithium-polymer solid-state batteries are semi-solid and contain about 5% of the electrolyte," said Nelson. "We are committed to producing all-solid-state batteries."
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