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Solbianflex Solar Panels For Ocean Application

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-13 08:55:49
solar panelsSolvay announced that SolcianEnergie Alternative has successfully developed SolbianEnergie Alternative for its innovative, transparent solar cell front panel that is extruded from Amcor using the Solvay Halar® 500 ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer (ECTFE) resin. Solbianflex® solar panels.

Solbian is a leading supplier of solar modules for transportation, and its panels are designed to be integrated directly into the vessel deck. This means that the panels not only need to withstand the harsh marine environment, but also to withstand the frequent walk through the staff. Solbian opted for Amcor's highly transparent Halar® ECTFE front plate because of its lightweight, durable, textured surface, less slippage, and resistance to wear and mechanical impact.

"As with any solar powered portable generator panel, those designed for the marine environment must be reliable and efficient," said Wojciech Salkalbani, Amcor's director of industrial sales. "Salvie's Halar® ECTFE resin makes Amcor's panels more effective in achieving these goals, , Which is a lighter, more cost-effective alternative to conventional glass, by eliminating the limitations of structural weight and glass inflexibility to improve the ability of solar modules to adapt to more complex shapes, The partnership with Solvay continues to expand, giving the solar industry more choices. "

Solar panels designed by Solbian help to reduce battery consumption and provide power to auxiliary power systems in all types of ships. At the same time, the company recognizes that, unlike solar panels installed on land, marine solar accessories must be lighter, more flexible, and more resistant to moisture and salt in the marine environment. Few materials can meet all of these requirements, as Amcor's films are extruded with Solvay Halar® ECTFE resin.

"Solvay and Amcor have teamed up to develop durable panels that provide long-term protection for sensitive solar cells, while providing excellent light trapping even at low incidence angles," said SolbianEnergie Alternative's General Manager "The beauty of this product is also important," says Luca Bonci. "The front panel made of Halar® ECTFE has a very beautiful finish."

Halar® 500 ECTFE is a fluoropolymer melt processable into a highly transparent extrusion film. Typically, this 50-μm (0.002-inch) film has a light transmittance of more than 90% and a weight of only 84 g / m2 (0.28 oz / ft2), while the same size and thickness of 3-mm, The same weight of the glass plate is 7.5 kg / m2 (1.5 lbs / ft2), a sharp contrast between the two. Solvay Halar® ECTFE resin, which is used as an Amcor panel material, gives the market a new option that can significantly reduce the weight of solar panels.

Amcor textured ECTFE panels provide excellent wear resistance, fire resistance, UV resistance, and excellent moisture barrier properties (<1 g / m2 / day). The material can be self-cleaning, in the sun exposure time of more than 20 years, the performance will not be significantly changed. Combined with Amcor's superior technology, films made with Halar® 500 ECTFE can be a durable packaging film commonly used in the solar industry.

"Like Solarian's innovative marine solar panels, Solar's Halar® ECTFE membrane can give solar power to land, sea and air as it was on Solar Pulse No. 2 earlier this year and now on Solbian's innovative marine solar panels Battery modules for reliable and lightweight protection, "said Thierry Baert, global marketing manager, Solvay Specialty Polymers Global Division." Moreover, we can see from our partnership with Amcor that Solvay is committed to improving sustainable solar energy resources, The most severe environment and the feasibility and performance of the application. "

The Halar® ECTFE film protected the portable solar power generator wings, the vertical tail stabilizer, and the 17248 solar cells on the fuselage during solar-pulse-2 (Si2) global orbit around the world earlier this year. In addition to providing waterproofing for Si2 solar cells with coverage of 300 m2 (328 yds2), Solvay's lightweight, flexible, highly transparent ECTFE membranes are still flying across the ocean, the city, the desert.
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