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SolarReserve in California to develop the 2GW project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-24 17:45:01

In recent years, wind power and solar power generator technology in the cost of rapid decline, the installed capacity is increased significantly, while the thermal power project is one of the few, and this technology is also facing enormous pressure must as soon as possible to reduce the cost of power generation.


The world solar giants such as Solar Reserve, Bright Source, Abengoa Next and Era energy company began to develop the solar thermal power plant, in the early decades ago but now they and other developers are trying to enter Spain and other markets outside the United States, to seek more opportunities for development.


Bright Source has its business focus to emerging markets such as China and Israel; the Abengoa is focused on South Africa and Chile market; the thermal power generation market appears to have no attraction, and most recently, Solar Reserve announced it will be installed in Nevada construction scale up to 2GW Sandstone tower light thermal power station message.


It is understood that the project plans to invest 5 billion U.S. dollars, will be composed of 10 tower solar thermal power generation units, each unit installed capacity of 150MW~200MW, will be equipped with molten salt storage system. The production of electricity will be transported to California, to meet the needs of California from the afternoon to the evening peak hours of electricity demand. And this is precisely the wind and solar backup generator can not be done.


Solar Reserve CEO Kevin Smith said, the developers must respond positively to their respective thermal regional market demand, let utilities fully realize thermal energy storage in power in contract value.


"Our view is that California will become the main market of solar thermal power generation technology," said Smith, "but the key lies in the storage, because if California does not use a large number of energy storage technology, cannot achieve its renewable energy power generation accounted for up to 50% of the target."


Through long time energy storage at night to the morning meet the demand for electricity, thermal power station and with battery with heat storage system of the photovoltaic power station, the former is obviously more cost competitive advantage. However, as far as the energy storage is concerned, the power generation cost of PV + battery technology is lower, and the cost of the battery is still falling fast.


In May this year, the Dubai Conference on MENASol Tim, Polega executive director from the Saudi national oil company, Saudi Aramco predicted that the solar generator system is equipped with 7 hour storage cost advantage by 2021 will exceed the energy storage type solar thermal power generation technology.


Therefore, the sources said, developers should photothermal technique through the deployment of large-scale power plants, focusing on improving the actual performance of the power plant, and reduce the purchasing cost in the supply chain, long time storage in order to consolidate the advantages of thermal power technology can.

Precise positioning of local electricity demand pain points


Reserve Solar said, Sandstone tower thermal power projects will be equipped with 10 hours of heat storage system. They will use their experience in the development of the 110MW crescent dunes tower solar thermal power generation project in Nevada. The long and 10 hours of the storage energy of the new moon dune plant, the daily storage of thermal energy up to 1100MWh, and the energy storage capacity is 30 times the battery system of California's largest 32MWhTehachapi photovoltaic power plant.

Daily electric power curve Graph

Note: yellow is the direct radiation (DNI), red is the power station of the molten salt collection of heat, green is the transmission of electricity.


Seen from the above table, even in the case of intermittent sunlight, the power plant can also reach a stable power output from the morning to the evening.


Smith said, Sandstone solar complex will be at 11 pm to 12 points for the whole of California to provide about 3% of the electricity. Like many developing countries, the electricity demand will increase sharply every 5 pm ~7, while the output power of photovoltaic power station will be gradually reduced.


"In order to solve the demand for electricity in the evening peak in California, the energy storage of a power station will be at least 6 hours long. Therefore, we concluded that the thermal power station only to ensure that the energy storage can grow at 6~10 hours, only the most able to meet the needs of the U.S. market."


At present, Solar Reserve has been in Nye County, Nevada (Nye County) and screened two places intended for the Sandstone project site, and will be in the next 6 to 9 months, announced the final site of the project. According to reports, the Sandstone project will likely be located in the United States Land Administration (BLM) under the jurisdiction of the public land.

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