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SolarCity will realize $ 500 million over the next three years

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-04 15:52:35

Regardless of the outside world on the Tesla 2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity how much question, Tesla are firmly optimistic about this solar panel manufacturers in solar power generator.


On Tuesday, Tesla issued a notice to investors, saying its benchmark forecast is that from a financial point of view, the acquisition of SolarCity will give the combined company a huge profit. Tesla expects SolarCity to grow to be the only "integrated energy company in the world".


Tesla said that from a cost perspective, SolarCity is expected to immediately account for 40% of the new company's assets, next year will contribute more than 1 billion US dollars in revenue, the next three years will make Tesla's balance sheet increased by 500 million US dollars in cash .


Tesla also said that more than half of SolarCity's liabilities are for financing and debt, is no recourse, customer payments can bring cash flow to offset these debts.


SolarCity shares closed down 2.7%, Tesla shares closed down 3.5%. In Tesla after the announcement of the post-session trading hours, SolarCity shares have gone up, or up to 1%, after the current accumulated 0.89%. Tesla after accumulating 0.25%.


This is Tesla recently again publicly known as the prospect of SoarCity. On Friday, Tesla CEO Maske issued a new product jointly developed by the company and SolarCity: Solar Roof. The glass-tiled Roof Tesla's Powerwall high-efficiency solar power batteries provide 100% renewable energy for users' homes.


Maske said at the time, if the acquisition of SolarCity smooth, solar roof will be officially shipped next summer. But if the shareholders vote on 17th next month do not agree to mergers and acquisitions, solar roof plan will be difficult to carry on. With the development of clean energy and tools, the combined company will be able to account for 60% -70% of the energy market share in the future.


June 22 this year, Tesla announced the acquisition of SolarCity, the purchase price than SolarCity the day closing price premium of about 25% -35%. After the news, Tesla shares plunged 11.79% after hours.


This acquisition plan has been questioned, the shareholders of the two companies do not buy it, Wall Street is generally not optimistic. For Tesla shareholders, this acquisition will shift the focus of Tesla's operating center, the main business in the automotive business is not smooth when the industrial front to pull too long, it may lose all.


Barclays analysts think this is more like in the "burn". GordonJohnson, managing director of global risk management solutions provider Axiom, said the acquisition meant that SolarCity was worth almost zero. Big Chuck Chanos even said that Maske let Tesla acquisition of such a rotten company is simply a big scandal.


Still, on August 1, Tesla was approved by SolarCity's board of directors for the largest solar-energy deal to date. SolarCity mainly refer to solar panels, now some customers take solar panels with LiFePO4 batteries and BMS together to use in home solar system.


Under the terms of the agreement, SolarCity shareholders will receive 0.11 Tesla shares per SolarCity share and SolarCity common stock at $ 25.37 per share. SolarCity is still available on September 14 to seek a competitive offer. The transaction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.

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