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Solar wireless charging in future

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 15:23:12

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the development of automobile technology is excited, like new energy, automatic driving, intelligent vehicle platform and inter vehicle communication, are impressive, but in addition, another attendant trend is the intelligent highway. After all, even if the vehicle can go up in the future, there will still be a part of the road on the road. Intelligent highway can not only use the solar energy for the car to charge, but also has a built-in intelligent transportation system, it’s like a solar power generator.

wireless charger in a intelligent vehicle platform

wind light in a intelligent vehicle platform

Take the United States, the United States currently has more than 31000 square miles of asphalt road exposed to the sun, if the asphalt roads are covered with solar panels if one mile road can produce enough energy for 80 homes. Not only that, on the road laying solar panels like a solar generator will be able to LED power supply lanes on both sides of the road marking, allows the driver to travel to some key sections to achieve reminder, obviously compared to the traditional signs more eye-catching.

electromagnetic circuit is integrated into a solar backup generator

The future of electric cars will be more and more, and if you want to install charging piles to meet the energy needs of electric vehicles is not only a huge project, but also very cost resources. So if the electromagnetic circuit is integrated into a solar backup generator road, we can realize the inexhaustible power resources, so that the electric vehicle charging at any time. At present, the technology has entered the stage of looking for partners, will soon become a reality.

electromagnetic circuit is integrated into a solar backup generator system

the automatic driving car

For intelligent highway, intelligent transportation system is a very important part, it can cope with the challenges of the future will face some traffic, such as strengthening the communication between the automatic driving car, reduce the occurrence of collision accidents. And if the integration of sensors and wireless communication devices in the road, you can enhance the stability of the communication between the car and the owner, to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents, optimize traffic flow are very active. In the future on the future of smart roads, we can not only drive faster and more secure.

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