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Solar power generation will be the future of Africa?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 16:30:46

At the edge of the Sahara desert near Ouarzazate, Morocco, about 500 thousand parabolic mirrors move across the valley, moving slowly across the sun as the sun sweeps through the ceiling. The $660 million solar power generator facility opened in February and soon will be a company. Morocco promises to produce 42% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

 Solar power generation will be the future of Africa

In Africa, some countries are actively developing their solar energy and wind power. Some experts wonder if there is a tendency to enter a clean future in most parts of the continent, bypassing some of the environmental damage that has plagued the United States, Europe and China.


"African countries do not have to lock in the development of high carbon old technology." Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan wrote in a report last year. "We can expand our power generation, and by leaps and bounds to develop new technologies that are transforming the global energy system to achieve universal access to energy."

This is an exciting message, not just for the Africans, but for the whole world, because the power demand in the mainland is exploding. The population growth in Africa is faster than anywhere in the world: it is expected that 2100 will almost quadruple. More than half of the 1 billion 200 million people living there today lack electricity, but it is likely to grow very quickly. If much of this energy comes from coal, oil and natural gas, it may contain the international community to slow the pace of global warming. But a more green road is likely, as many African countries have just begun to build their most energy infrastructure, and there is no commitment to use more and more dirty technology.


Several factors contributed to the promotion of renewable energy in africa. More than 1/3 of the continent's state has gained much of its power from a hydropower plant, and over the past few years the supply is unreliable. Countries that rely mainly on fossil fuels are subject to price fluctuations and increased regulatory rules. At the same time, the cost of renewable energy technology has dropped significantly. Researchers found that the African continent's solar backup generator and wind power generation is much more than previously thought - the current total power consumption of 3700 times.


All this has led to an interest in green power. Researchers are drawing the best place for renewable energy projects. Forward looking companies are investing in solar and wind farms. The government is working with international development agencies to make the arena more attractive to Private Companies.


However, this may not be enough to drive Africa towards a clean, electrified future. Planners need more data to find the best places for renewable energy projects. Developers are worried about putting money in many countries, especially those with corruption and government problems. And the country will need tens of billions of dollars to strengthen the energy infrastructure.


However, Africa's green ambitions are higher than ever before. Developers mainstream renewable energy in Dublin, CEO of O'Connor Eddie to see the huge potential of renewable energy in africa. His company is building solar generator and wind energy facilities there, and he calls it "an unparalleled business opportunity for entrepreneurs.".

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