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Solar power generation has entered into outbreak period

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 15:30:15

September 22, at the opening ceremony of today's "2016 inaugural Delhi photothermal Conference", the National Energy Board officials said the global solar thermal power generation has entered into outbreak period, which is helpful for solar powered portable generator. He said, according to the agency predicted in 2015, Global solar thermal power generation to be reduced to 7 cents, but look at the development process in China now, the pace even faster.

solar power generation

The official statement also analyzed solar thermal power industry development direction of the next step.

He said, first of all, we should make every effort to demonstration projects. In accordance with the overall planning, development ideas step by step, and gradually promote the industrialization process of solar thermal power generation. Through demonstration projects, summarized accumulated construction and operation experience, improve management practices and policies related to the environment, to verify the reliability and performance of domestic equipment and materials to maximize local production, the formation of a number of core equipment of intellectual property rights, foster and enhanced system integration capabilities to master key technologies, the formation of the domestic manufacturing industry chain. And we hope that with the scale can continue to reduce costs.

Furthermore, it should continue to expand the scale solar thermal power generation, can really integrate into the power system, give full play to the role of peaking, and gradually promote the commercialization process, exert regenerative function and adjustable output advantages to stabilize the volatility of renewable energy.

He referred in particular to renewable Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu and other energy-rich areas, good solar thermal power generation layout, solar thermal power generation as the main play baseload energy, and assume peaking tasks, explore and build solar thermal and photovoltaic power generation, wind power, pumped storage and other complementary, as the large-scale use of complementary bases, contribute to the formation of a stable hybrid power systems.

He also said that to establish and improve the solar thermal power industry service system, to learn from foreign construction experience, combined with the demonstration project implementation, the development of the relevant design of solar thermal power generation, equipment manufacturing, construction, operation standards, establish and improve relevant engineering, testing and certification, and quality management, industrial services support system.

The official stressed in his speech, including solar thermal power generation, including renewable energy, including portable solar power generator, to take the initiative to adapt to the reform of the electricity market. "Solar thermal power generation in the power system stable output value only in the electricity market in ancillary services markets can play a role," he said.

China Electricity Council full-time vice chairman of China Electric Power Development Association, China Power Media Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Wei Zhaofeng, Qinghai Province Science and Technology Department Director solution Source, Qinghai Province Development and Reform Commission deputy director Yu Ming Zhen, Meng Hai Haixi on behalf of the governor, state party committee Haixi, Delingha Party secretary Sun Liming attended and delivered a speech.

The theme of the conference is "Focus on Clean Energy Heights, to build a world of light and heat" trying to build domestic solar thermal industry, communication, communication, industry chain docking landing new platform.

On the same day, the Qaidam photothermal Development Promotion Center was established in Delhi.

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