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Solar photovoltaic public charging stations operating

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 14:40:47

Beijing City, the first solar power generator public charging station, located in the Beijing CBD Sino Trade Centre Hotel parking lot, recently officially completed and put into trial operation, the fastest half an hour to complete the new energy vehicles charging.

The mainstream of the domestic market, Japan and Europe and the United States three major electric vehicles can be charged at this charging station. Electric vehicle charging management service platform of the Beijing city information display, currently open to the public charging pile networks is sparse, most are still concentrated in remote areas, the four ring away. The completion of the China electric vehicle charging station has become the China Trade District first open to the public for the public charging stations.

the new energy vehiclessolar power generator public charging station

This country is currently the largest electric vehicle intelligent charging station a total of 100 charging piles, including two ground photovoltaic intelligent charging stations and underground charging stations. The station photovoltaic solar generator conversion efficiency of 22%, the current installed capacity of 25 kilowatts, investment of about 13 million yuan. Charges initially set at 1.37 yuan / kWh, which contains 0.57 yuan of basic electricity. It provides fast charge and slow charge two kinds of charging services, the longest time is 2.5 hours, fast charge only 20 minutes. The charging station can be used for almost all types of electric vehicles on the market, and the owners can pay by mobile phone payment, but also in the charging pile screen brush UnionPay flash card.

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