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Solar photovoltaic power plant at xianyou rural primary school

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-10 17:03:19

"The solar power generator in the school recently was putting in service proactively, we even use rural primary school solar power !"Recently, in Xianyou County Daji Town Fenyang Primary School  Teaching building roof there are  more crystalline silicon panels on the roof, the students are not only close intimate contact feelings of solar power generators, can also realize what is real low carbon life.   

    Fenyang village is located in the North part of Daji Town, flat, fertile land, with abundant water, sufficient sunlight, rice, sugar cane, mushrooms, snow peas, characteristic agriculture, etc, it is famous city and is listed as the third batch of "happy home" of the construction of pilot, 10 last year to carry out the plan with a total investment of 48 million Yuan of pilot projects, prompting reconstruction processes Wu Street dangerous bridge, the transformation processes the street facade, the construction of leisure landscape zone and ecological orchard etc beautiful rural construction made solid progress, especially to promote green energy, scheme the plan of photovoltaic solar power of distributed photovoltaic power station (using solar power) of green environmental protection new energy projects.  
rural primary school solar power   

According to introducing, the village of scientific location are not used in common village primary school teaching building top floor flat roof, and with the help of the power supply department, under the precondition of not destroying the roof of the original building structure, smoothly installed 3 row of 2000 square meters of crystalline silicon panels and inverter device such as a solar power generation and in early March officially first multifunctional photovoltaic power generator was built. The author understands that this small solar power generator performance is very stable, can operate at least 25 years, its crystalline silicon plate after receiving sunlight, creates a voltage difference, thus produce direct current (DC), after an inverter, will become stable alternating current (ac) above 220V, so that it can be incorporated into the school of power grid, then supply  normal power for the school. Power generation after the calculation, can generate electricity daily 150 degrees to 200 degrees, directly supply for Fenyang elementary school, and the whole village hundreds of street lamps,it is expected to save electricity bills for the village in 50000 Yuan.

We have learned that currently, fog has become a major problem of the people's livelihood, and electrical energy as replacement, especially clean energy alternative can effectively alleviate the fog haze. This green project not only can generate electricity, prevent pollution of the environment, but  also can be used for room thermal insulation, waterproof, what’s more, teachers and students have had on a vivid lesson "environmental protection lesson". “Now the national primary and secondary schools are all  promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction, idle roof solar power generator panels to generate electricity, show the new energy of green environmental protection, can make all the teachers, students and villagers see how solar power is to be generated electricity, how to get energy saving, the students can experience what is real" low carbon life ", can make the green idea enrooted into our mind." Mr Li said. 

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