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Solar photovoltaic power generation realize energy-saving and emission reduction

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-16 11:33:33

Science and technology is more fun, green travel is more simple


In 2016, in order to accelerate the formation of the full implementation of green manufacturing work pattern, the 13th Five-Year plan, the concept of green development will become the main tone for the next 5 years, launched the green manufacturing system.


As a green corporate citizen, the development of Dongfeng Nissan not only bending for green business, also through the development of the science and technology more fun "science projects, green technology, green energy research and development, to open a window to the green car manufacturing window for consumers, let more people know about the cause of green meaning, and through the" green energy transfer solar power generator initiatives ", give you a better understanding of the importance of environmental protection science and technology.


Photovoltaic power generation technology has significant energy, environmental protection and economic benefits, is one of the most high-quality green energy, is the world's most concerned about the development of technology and key industries.


Its working principle is not complicated, namely the use of photovoltaic panels made of silicon and other semiconductor materials, converting sunlight into electric current through the photovoltaic transformer, the current into the grid, then you can Everfount to provide electric energy.


According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) statistics, in our country the average sunshine conditions, the installation of 1 kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation system, 1 years can be 1200 degrees, can reduce the coal consumption of about 400 kg, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of about 1 tons.


According to the "science and technology is more fun" project introduction, Dongfeng Nissan is currently the development of photovoltaic power generation technology, solar backup generator parking lot together with the South China Power Grid under construction, after the completion of the scale will be in the forefront of the world, has confirmed that the implementation of the installed capacity of 59 MW, the annual power generation capacity of 51 million 190 thousand degrees, can cut CO251548 tons, saving electricity up to 3 million 260 thousand yuan.


The future will use electricity in the office area, each link and vehicle production line assembly, painting, welding, stamping, meet the production of electricity, to achieve energy-saving emission reduction.

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