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Solar "heart" with flying for several years

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-04 11:08:32

The "green" type of solar energy unmanned aerial vehicle birth, means that the world in addition to the United States, the second can develop long-time solar unmanned aircraft country. The use of solar energy as a solar generator source, the biggest feature is the long life and high cruise altitude.


Compared with the traditional aircraft, solar UAV core difference is to rely on solar energy to provide full energy, the use of electric propeller to promote the form.


Solar powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a wingspan of over 45 meters and a ceiling of over 20,000 meters, with a space of more than 24 hours and a load capacity of 20 kilograms. It can sustain flight at designated local high altitude, supporting communication relay, reconnaissance and surveillance, mobile communication and navigation. Or video broadcast services.


Not long ago, the UAV in a number of field tests, has been successfully completed the full state flight test. Future improvements, and even a continuous flight for several months or even years of capacity.


It is understood that the solar unmanned aerial vehicle has three major aspects of the main features. First, fly high, but the load capacity is relatively weak. Solar unmanned aerial vehicles usually use large aspect ratio wings, aspect ratio of 20 or more, or even 30, with a high lift to drag ratio, so that it can be 20-30 km in the vicinity of the thin air stable flight.


But at the same time, due to solar power to provide low-speed flight, aircraft wing load is very low, the whole machine weight is small, and its load capacity is relatively weak, wingspan 60m solar energy unmanned aerial vehicles provide payload capacity of roughly 50 kg .


The second is to fly for a long time, but the power extraction of more restrictive factors. Solar unmanned aerial vehicles without fuel consumption, can buy a few months or even longer long flight time. But at the same time, due to the solar power batteries conversion efficiency and energy storage battery can be more than the ratio of insufficient power supply capacity, the application of the formation of restrictions on the load.


In addition, the propulsion capacity is limited, the flight speed is low, high-altitude flight speed is generally about 100-150 km per hour; power supply capacity and sunshine intensity directly related to different latitudes, seasons and the sun solar power supply capacity have an impact.


The third is to protect the simple, low life-cycle cost potential. From the maintenance point of view, the solar unmanned aerial vehicle airborne system is simple, the daily maintenance complexity is low, the long flight time flight, maintenance and protection interval cycle is long.


From the take-off and landing protection point of view, usually 10 meters per second (10m / s, please use Chinese characters) can take off about the length of the runway is not demanding, nor the traditional refueling and other security equipment.


From the use of efficiency point of view, because of its long flight characteristics, compared with conventional aircraft, the completion of permanent tasks without frequent replacement rotation, dispatched aircraft size greatly reduced.


As a result of the high altitude long voyage flight and has a very broad application prospects, making solar UAV can provide a new situation awareness, information relay platform.


Especially in civilian areas, solar unmanned aerial vehicles can not only complete the disaster monitoring, border patrol, air and ground traffic management, communications relay and other tasks. But also to provide coverage areas of television and telecommunications services, at a lower cost to replace the communications satellite functions. In the event of an earthquake, flood or forest fires, can replace the disruption of communication, to maintain the affected areas and the outside world.

Solar power generator unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), powered by solar energy, have long life, high cruise altitude, permanent residence, continuous maneuverability and the ability to land, repair and change payloads at any time.


Compared to the hundreds of millions of satellite, the solar unmanned aerial vehicle with low cost, deployment flexibility and other advantages. But also with the high-altitude giant airship with a fixed platform and mobile platform with the form of high and low form a regional coverage of the whole situation of uninterrupted situational awareness, communication and relay networks.


The long flight time and high altitude capability of this kind of solar unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in our country will undoubtedly provide a reliable aerial platform for long-lasting data relay and 4G / 5G communication, which can partly replace the function of communication satellite.


In addition, this exhibition, "Rainbow" ground-effect air-cushion composite ship, VTOL fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles, AR-1 and AR-2 UAV air-to-surface missiles, and high-speed stealth target Aircraft and other new concept aircraft, a total of 12 products, are also one by one appearance. Its strong lineup, exhibits the rich for the previous air show of the most.

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"Rainbow" unmanned aerial vehicles, founded in 2000, includes a number of products, technical indicators have reached the world advanced level, is the most complete spectrum of China, the largest export volume and the largest export UAV series.


It is one of the characteristics of inspection, is now sold in more than 10 countries, covering more than 20 end-users, the excellent performance of the majority of users access to the high praise. In particular, under the guidance of the deep-seated development strategy of military-civilian integration, the Rainbow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has actively explored civil service fields such as geophysical prospecting, marine monitoring, maritime applications and emergency communications.


At present, the rainbow unmanned aerial geophysical integrated measurement system for the world's first successful large-scale application operations, the existing line of more than 100,000 km, has become China's land and resources survey indispensable technical means.


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