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Solar cell and lithium battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-23 15:12:16

Now most of the intelligent electronic products are used in rechargeable lithium batteries. Especially because of the characteristics of mobile electronic devices, portable and multiple application functions, the user is not affected by environmental restrictions on occasions during use, and long operation time, so although the lithium battery life or weakness, has become the most popular choice.


Although the solar power battery and lithium battery sound is the same kind of product, but in fact, not all, there is still the most essential difference between the two. In simple terms, is a solar power generation equipment, which itself can not be directly to save electric energy, and the lithium battery is a battery, and can continue to use for the user.

A comparison with the lithium battery, a solar battery will show no weakness, that is not able to get out of the sun, will convert solar energy into electricity and sunshine is synchronous, so the solar energy, only during the day or even only sunny day is their home court, but not like a lithium battery as full storage electricity, will be able to completely get rid of the time and environmental constraints, flexible use.


Solar cell downsizing difficult


Because the solar cell itself does not store electrical energy, for the practical applications is a very big bug, so the researchers on the solar battery and the battery of large capacity combined use of lead-acid battery is a kind of large capacity storage battery used in solar power generator system. The combination of two kinds of products, so that the original volume of the solar cell is not small become more "huge", if you want to apply to mobile devices, you must first experience the downsizing process.

Because the energy conversion rate is not high, the solar cell's sunshine area is usually larger, which is its "downsizing" on the way to face the first major technical difficulties. The current limit of the solar energy conversion rate is about 24%, compared with the production of expensive solar panels, unless a large area of use, otherwise the utility will be greatly reduced, not to mention the use of mobile devices.


Because the energy conversion rate is not high, so the solar cell's sunshine area is usually larger.

The solar battery and lithium battery recycling storage combined with the direction of the current scientific research personnel, but also an effective way to move the solar cell. The most common solar powered portable generator products than mobile power. By converting the light energy into electric energy and storing it in the built-in lithium battery, the solar energy mobile power can charge the mobile phone, digital camera, tablet computer and other products, which are both energy saving and environmental protection.


Solar cell mobile is able to achieve?


To realize the industrialization of solar cell is mainly divided into two categories: the first category is the crystal silicon batteries, including polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon solar cells, which accounted for more than 80% market share; the second category is subdivided into thin film amorphous silicon solar cell, has the advantages of simple process, low cost, low efficiency, there are signs of a recession.

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