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Solar Unmanned Aircraft Program Canceled

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-12 16:37:40

According to the US science and technology website ZDNET news, Alphabet's "Google X Lab" 11 announced that Titan solar power batteries unmanned aircraft program has been canceled, the future will focus on the development of high-altitude balloon Internet project.

Google L Labs said the Project Loon ballooning project was "more promising," while Titan's employees will be involved in other "high-altitude" projects, including Project Loon and Project Wing.
Solar Unmanned Aircraft Program Canceled
In contrast Titan drone project, from the 2015 test began to appear on the UAV crash situation, while in the transmission of 5G data and cost problems. In addition, compared with unmanned aerial vehicles, high-altitude balloons are more likely to remain relatively static state, and more vulnerable to damage.

"Titan Aerospace" Google parent company Alphabet acquired in 2014, a start-up company, and then in 2015 into the "Google X Lab", the main goal is to use portable solar power generator energy as a driving force to maintain long-term UAV flight at high altitude, Thereby providing Internet access to remote areas of the planet.
Solar Unmanned Aircraft Program Canceled
The same period, "Google X Lab" also launched a high-altitude balloon Internet program, the use of terrestrial mobile base station Internet backbone connection, for people in remote areas to provide Internet services.
Solar Unmanned Aircraft Program Canceled
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