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Solar Thermal Power Installed Capacity 500 Million Kilowatts

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 14:42:20
Recently, the National Energy Board officially issued the "solar energy development," thirteen "plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), solar thermal power generation clear 500 million kilowatts development goals.

"Plan" proposed by the end of 2020, solar thermal power installed capacity of 500 million kilowatts, solar thermal collector area of 800 million square meters, annual solar energy utilization of more than 140 million tons of standard coal.
Solar Thermal Power Installed Capacity 500 Million Kilowatts
Solar thermal power generation refers to the use of large-scale array of parabolic or dish-shaped mirror to collect solar heat, through the heat exchanger to provide steam, combined with the traditional turbine generator process, so as to achieve the purpose of power generation.

National "thousands of people plan" Distinguished expert Dr. Xiaodong in an interview with First Financial, said the people of the ideal energy standards have been three consensus: renewable, low cost, no harm, and in order to strengthen the application derived Compatibility. The so-called "compatible", that is compatible with traditional energy facilities, compatible with fossil energy functions. At present, the most likely to meet the four ideal energy standards, in particular, "compatible" standard technical approach is the main solar thermal technology, because the light and heat technology is essentially a "solar collector" alternative coal-fired boilers, it The direct realization of the sun's light and heat energy utilization.

Solar thermal power is characterized by the first solar powered portable generator energy into heat and then generate electricity, to some extent, can stabilize the sunshine fluctuations, the grid is relatively friendly, while the heat can be effectively stored and has a certain economy, thermal power and thermal power plants can complement each other to improve The number of hours of power generation and peaking, and to provide power for scheduling.
Solar Thermal Power Installed Capacity 500 Million Kilowatts
In accordance with the development plan of "overall planning, step-by-step implementation, technology leading and industrial collaboration", the "planning" clearly defines the key tasks of solar thermal power generation as the demonstration project of solar thermal power generation, setting up and perfecting solar power generator energy Thermal power generation industry service system.

China is in the initial stage of photothermal power generation, has not yet formed an industrial scale. Most of the thermal power station in the scientific experimental stage, and commercial and grid operation is still a distance.

Last September, the National Energy Board issued "on the organization of solar thermal power generation demonstration project construction notice" to encourage the start as soon as possible a number of stand-alone unit of not less than 50MW, the project capital ratio of not less than 20% of the total investment of demonstration projects. This move began to promote the substantive development of China's solar thermal power industry.

In August this year, by the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly supported by the Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Center in the solar control Delingha 10MW tower molten salt storage power plant to achieve full capacity power generation. This is China's first successful operation of large-scale storage of light thermal power station, is the world's third put into operation with large-scale energy storage tower thermal power plant.
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