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Solar Projects In Vietnam

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-03-11 15:15:16
On March 11, Vietnam's Dole province granted permission and signed a memorandum of cooperation to develop a number of solar projects. The total value of these projects amounted to $ 3.3 billion.

Vietnam relies heavily on coal-fired power plants and hydropower stations to meet 11% of annual electricity demand growth, but Vietnam is hoping to increase renewable energy as more and more serious resource shortages and environmental problems.
Solar Projects In Vietnam
AES Power and Doley signed a memorandum of cooperation to invest 750 million dollars in a portable solar power generator power plant with an estimated capacity of 300-500 megawatts.

Vietnamese private company Xuan Thien Daklak received a license from the provincial government to invest $ 2.2 billion in a 2000 megawatt solar project.

Korea Sun Park International also licensed to invest $ 45 million to build a solar project. Vietnam Longcheng Infrastructure Development Investment Company will invest $ 308 million to build a 250 MW solar power plant.

Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are seeking to develop solar energy, and with the control of pollution into the global agreement, countries have developed a green energy power generation goals.
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